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Goodell’s reputation rides on his handling of the ‘Bounty Issue.’

Once again the spin machine located in the National Football League offices in New York City is hard at work. As former Saints’ and current Rams’ Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams goes before the ‘assistant principals’ today, many are expecting the League to make a huge example of the Saints, many players, and Williams for what …

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Cook Continues Roger Goodell Lovefest

Is there any wonder why Roger Goodell continues to rule over the National Football League with the powers of an absolute dictator when columnists like The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook essentially grovel at his feet? In his piece entitled, “Goodell great for NFL, even if Steelers, their fans disagree,” Cook goes out of his way …

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League Continues to Alter Game For the Worse

  Writer Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review thinks Steelers’ Linebacker James Harrison should “stop whining” and “quit complaining” about the NFL’s crackdown on illegal hits and the fines and punishments that could occur afterward. Well Joe, when the Tea Party stops complaining about taxes and when liberals stop complaining about the Tea Party then …

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