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A different gameplan?


When Pittsburgh and Baltimore show up for a game, it’s a given from nearly every NFL fan, media personality, player, coach, and probably my kindergarten teacher too that it will be a beat down, physical, slug fest.  That part is true, no reason to think it won’t be. These 2 teams are the most physical …

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Hatefest Round 3! For fans, it’s personal

Ravens Fans

Steelers vs. Ravens, the very thought of it makes any fan salivate at the thought of their team putting a beat down on their arch rival.  For now we’ll step back from the players point of view and take a look at what it’s like for us fans. The only thing better than than talking …

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Did we really think it wouldn’t come down to this?

Titanic Matchup

Did we really think this would end any other way Steeler fans?  Some of us hoped that the Chiefs would defy the odds and take down the hated, purple wearing, Baltimore Browns, this past weekend. I for one was one of those, for the single reason not that we can’t beat them, but rather after …

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