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Week 14 Could Be a Good Week For Steelers Playoffs Chances

Yes, I realize writing this title very well may jinx it, but sometimes you have to look the jinx gods in their face and flat-out say it. This week could set the Steelers up well for the wildcard and could even possibly throw the division in to the mix.

Are the Steelers really facing a must-win game against the Eagles?

Ben Roethlisberger facing a must win game for the Steelers on Sunday? (Photo courtesy of

It’s hard to imagine that our beloved Steelers are sitting at 1-2, and may be facing a must win situation this Sunday against the Eagles. It’s even harder to think that in week 5 you have a must win game period. The proverbial “there’s a lot of football left” adage does indeed still ring true, …

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