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20 Questions for the Steelers


One of our members, jpele, posted up this article from the Tribune Review.  John Harris raises some good points as he talks about things that are of a concern to the Steelers or soon will be as this offseason moves forward to an eventual start of the 2011 season (whenever that is).  Coach Mike Tomlin …

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Jeff Saturday talks about why the players decertified

Good video from NFL Network with Colts Center Jeff Saturday and Rich Eisen, as they discuss the reasons the NFL Players decided to decertify. I must say that Saturday does make some valid points, however as you’ll see, Rich asks him several times why they didn’t give it a few more days to try to …

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What The Lockout Is Robbing Us Of

At a time when you and I should be thinking about the draft (many still are because it’s all we have), free agency, the impending 2011 schedule release and so on, we are left with nothing but animosity between the NFL Owners and the Players Association. Can I still call it that? I know they de-certified …

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Goodell sends email to all NFL players


  Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote NFL players Thursday, outlining the league’s last proposal to the union and cautioning that “each passing day puts our game and our shared economics further at risk.” Goodell ended the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, by telling players: “I hope you will encourage your …

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The lockout, the draft; and what happens next?

  The main thing to keep in mind during this lockout period as we head to the draft is that regardless of what happens there will still be a draft. There will always be an NFL draft even if there is no CBA and the players are locked out. Teams cannot sign any players once …

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Reasons the players left the deal on the table

March 11th, 2011 Issues which prevented a new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement from being reached: The NFL demanded a multi-billion dollar giveback and refused to provide any legitimate financial information to justify it. The NFL’s offer on March 7 to give the NFLPA a single sheet of numbers was NOT financial disclosure. The players’ …

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NFL proposal that the players left on the table 1. We more than split the economic difference between us, increasing our proposed cap for 2011 significantly and accepting the Union’s proposed cap number for 2014 ($161 million per club). 2. An entry level compensation system based on the Union’s “rookie cap” proposal, rather than the wage scale proposed by the clubs.  Under the …

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NFLPA decertifies as talks break down

NFLPA decertifies as talks breaks down… Story courtesy of WASHINGTON — The NFL Players Association announced Friday that it has renounced its status as the collective bargaining representative of the players after failing to reach a new labor deal with the league. The NFLPA said it will become a professional trade association that supports …

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