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America Deserves Football This 9/11

As the NFL Lockout meanders its’ way through days numbering over 100 now, the league must be fully aware of the repercussions that await it should a new collective bargaining agreement not be reached in time for the scheduled start of the season. Fact is, I believe we will have professional football at some point …

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There’s a Reason We Draft the Guys We Draft

  Now that the dust from the 2011 NFL Draft has settled and we’ve had time to reflect on not only our draft choices but those of other teams as well, it has become more apparent under the regime of Head Coach Mike Tomlin that we go after not only capable players, but also quality …

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20 Questions for the Steelers


One of our members, jpele, posted up this article from the Tribune Review.  John Harris raises some good points as he talks about things that are of a concern to the Steelers or soon will be as this offseason moves forward to an eventual start of the 2011 season (whenever that is).  Coach Mike Tomlin …

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The NFL Draft: The Ultimate ‘Shell Game’

If you are like me and can easily recall the days of the silver-haired Bob Barker on the “The Price Is Right,” then you may also remember one of the games. It was called the ‘shell game’ where a red or blue ball would be hidden under one of three shells and unless a contestant …

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Jeff Saturday talks about why the players decertified

Good video from NFL Network with Colts Center Jeff Saturday and Rich Eisen, as they discuss the reasons the NFL Players decided to decertify. I must say that Saturday does make some valid points, however as you’ll see, Rich asks him several times why they didn’t give it a few more days to try to …

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The players are still united, but are the fans?

Is this lockout starting leave a sour taste in your mouth yet? I know it is for me, but it’s still “ok” for right now because the draft isn’t here yet. Once that hits and we continue down this current path, things will go downhill at a more rapid pace. When I say it’s “ok”, …

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A Look at the New Rule Changes

It’s still March and yet with this Lockout I feel like Tommy Lee Jones at the end of ‘Space Cowboys’ where he’s just sitting there on the moon. He knows the end is coming and is trying to enjoy the peace and serenity of looking at Earth, but yet there’s part of him that just …

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What The Lockout Is Robbing Us Of

At a time when you and I should be thinking about the draft (many still are because it’s all we have), free agency, the impending 2011 schedule release and so on, we are left with nothing but animosity between the NFL Owners and the Players Association. Can I still call it that? I know they de-certified …

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Blitzburgh Radio Podcast – March 18, 2011


Latest edition of Blitzburgh Radio is loaded up and ready to go. This week BlitzburghRockCity & SteelDad talk about the CBA, the Lockout, the NFL Players, and the letter sent down from Roger Goodell. On the next show we’ll start to talk about the draft prospects for the Steelers on the offensive side and how …

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Players issue lengthy response to NFL commissioner

The Players Respond March 19th, 2011 The players respond to the letter NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to all NFL players on March 17. March 19, 2011 Roger Goodell Commissioner National Football League 280 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 Dear Roger: This responds to the letter you sent to all NFL players on March …

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