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Is Le’Veon Bell trying to become the most disliked running back in Steelers history?

Le’Veon Bell isn’t at training camp with the Steelers, but if his teammates really miss him at least they can listen to his new rap album. According to 247Sports, Bell tweeted about the release of his new album on the same day the Steelers held their first training camp practice. Assuming Bell doesn’t show up until …

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Le’Veon Bell driving Steelers offense like a Bus

Perhaps Dec. 11 should be a holiday in Pittsburgh. Not only is it the day that Le’Veon Bell ran for a franchise-record 236 yards in the Steelers’ 27-20 win at Buffalo, it’s also the day of Jerome Bettis‘ last 100-yard rushing game. Exactly 11 years before Bell’s performance for the ages on Sunday, Bettis ran …

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Jerome Bettis, 36 Forever

Jerome Bettis 36 Forever Collection

You’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic name and number that represents what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler than #36 Jerome Bettis! Since the dynasty years of the 70’s, Bettis has been one of the most recognizable players in Steeler history. If you’re a fan of The Bus, and we know …

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The Bus says Mike Wallace doesn’t get the Steelers

The Mike Wallace holdout saga continues, and as the days weeks continue to go by more people are speaking out on the situation. It’s a shame that we still have to talk about this with preseason underway and the regular season starting next month. Somehow though in the back of our minds, as fans we …

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Isaac Redman, effective battering ram in an aerial assault?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see “battering ram” in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Jerome Bettis of course, but also the modern day version of The Bus, potentially speaking, in Isaac Redman too. Something interesting to file away in your Steeler brain as the offseason continues; how much does …

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