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Steelers’ No Huddle talk shouldn’t surprise you

If you were at all shocked to hear Ben Roethlisberger’s comments regarding the potential for “lots of no-huddle” offense in 2012 my question would be… Why? In an interview with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen which will air Thursday, Roethlisberger was quoted as saying, “In these meetings I’ve had with Coach Haley, he’s all about …

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Who’s primed for a contract extension with the Steelers this offseason?

The Steelers love to sign players to long term deals during training camp and preseason. Last year was one for the ages with Lamarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, and Troy Polamalu all inking deals close to the start of the season as well as Ike Taylor’s new contract.  Arguably 4 of the more important players on …

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Don’t dismiss the ‘Steeler-Way’ when it comes to free agency

I sometimes have to stop myself from being too critical of younger Steelers’ fans these days. After all, they mean well and are easily affected by all the news and social media that’s out there. They see what other teams do in the off-season and they start screaming from the rooftops about why we don’t …

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Tomlin has concerns with Sanders & Colon for 2012

The annual offseason owners meetings that happen in the spring are always great to get some information from coaches and owners about how things are going. We get tidbits here and there before then but other than the combine this is the first time that coaches will generally talk with the media for a significant …

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Steelers’ special teams likely to see changes

It’s quite often the one area of football that is most often overlooked by the casual fan and sometimes even the most ardent fan. I’m speaking of special teams of course or as many football people refer to it as, “the third phase.” It is many times the part of the game that can ultimately …

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At 30, are Roethlisberger’s best years to come?

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger recently turned 30 years old. After eight seasons in the National Football League, Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to three Super Bowl appearances and two victories. This would be considered a pretty darn good resume by most experts and would be taken in a heartbeat by the vast majority of …

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Brown & Sanders, are they ready for the spotlight?

There are not many teams that have a group of receivers like the Steelers have right now. The Packers come to mind, the Giants as well but it’s certainly a rarity among the league today. When you have 3 guys that are capable of taking a reception the distance at any given time, the defense …

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Possible mid-round WR targets for the Steelers should Wallace depart

Right about the time you thought the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Offseason of Discontent” was coming to an end the speculation that Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Mike Wallace could be on the move has surfaced. Wallace is a restricted free agent which means the Steelers have certain rights to Wallace but should Wallace choose to sign elsewhere; …

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Wallace isn’t the only receiver the Steelers need to worry about for the future

There are many tough decisions that the Steelers must deal with this offseason, not the least of which is trying to sign Mike Wallace to a long term deal.   If worse comes to worse they can franchise him to help ensure his services for another season, thus giving them more time to work on a …

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The Ward Dilemma; What To Do With a Future Hall of Famer

  The Pittsburgh Steelers’ all-time leader in all things receiving sat down yesterday with Art Rooney II and discussed his future with the organization. This was a meeting asked for by Hines Ward who wants to continue playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers entering his 15th professional season. The good news here is that it appears …

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