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There’s a Reason We Draft the Guys We Draft

  Now that the dust from the 2011 NFL Draft has settled and we’ve had time to reflect on not only our draft choices but those of other teams as well, it has become more apparent under the regime of Head Coach Mike Tomlin that we go after not only capable players, but also quality …

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What The Steelers’ Draftees Should Expect

Let’s be honest shall we? The NFL Draft has become an epic sporting event. Although I can be one to dabble in the realm of hyperbole, it is clear what I am saying is fact. It is now on two networks. For 3 straight days! If this is not a premiere sporting event than I …

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The NFL Draft: The Ultimate ‘Shell Game’

If you are like me and can easily recall the days of the silver-haired Bob Barker on the “The Price Is Right,” then you may also remember one of the games. It was called the ‘shell game’ where a red or blue ball would be hidden under one of three shells and unless a contestant …

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Twinkle Toes impresses judges again

Ward and Johnson

Ward has taken over the title of “twinkle toes” courtesy of Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann. Last night our favorite NFL tough guy showed his commitment to his newest venture again by putting on a top performance with partner Kym Johnson. Check out his performance below, and judging by the response he received …

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A Look at the New Rule Changes

It’s still March and yet with this Lockout I feel like Tommy Lee Jones at the end of ‘Space Cowboys’ where he’s just sitting there on the moon. He knows the end is coming and is trying to enjoy the peace and serenity of looking at Earth, but yet there’s part of him that just …

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What The Lockout Is Robbing Us Of

At a time when you and I should be thinking about the draft (many still are because it’s all we have), free agency, the impending 2011 schedule release and so on, we are left with nothing but animosity between the NFL Owners and the Players Association. Can I still call it that? I know they de-certified …

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Hines Ward & Kym Johnson rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with the Stars 2 hr. season premier on Monday, March 21 on ABC.  Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward will be one of many well known celebrities this season. Here is a video of Ward rehearsing with professional partner Kym Johnson. Steeler Nation is with you Hines!!!             [youtube][/youtube]

DWTS will benefit from the Steeler Nation

DWTS 2011

Will you watch ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, now that Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is on the show?  Don’t be shy, it’s ok to say yes!  Ward is being paired up with Kym Johnson for the series that will begin on March 21. Hines definitely seems to be enjoying himself, “Five hours a day. …

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