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SteelDad’s Rants and Slants Version 2

Kicking Off Earlier this week, Chad Johnson as he is once again going to be called rather than ‘Ochocinco,’ announced he wants to play until he is 40. Let me translate this and tell you exactly what he really means. “In order to stay even somewhat relevant in the media, I’m going to attempt to …

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Potential 2nd round draft steals for the Steelers

The 2nd round hasn’t exactly been a money pick for the Steelers in recent history.  Marcus Gilbert was Pittsburgh’s 2nd round choice in 2011 and he’s certainly earned his money and has a bright future. In 2010 they chose LB Jason Worilds who did see significant playing time with the injuries to James Harrison and …

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Could the Steelers draft a Tight End in 2012?

There was once a time in the National Football League where the position of ‘tight end’ was either the butt of jokes (see? Like that one) or just simply another tackle on the end of the line. Tight ends were typically guys who were too slow to be wide receivers and too small to be …

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