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SteelerAddicts Mobile Access, Android & iPhone App

Having a mobile friendly site is becoming more and more important these days and SA is striving to keep you covered as you access us on your smart phone or tablet. You can access us on the mobile side on both Android and iPhone devices.

To access the forums via your mobile device we encourage everyone to use Tapatalk or Forum Runner.

Tapatalk: The free version allows you to access SA and read the posts. If you want to use the paid version which is only a one time charge of $2.99, you can post as well as access PM’s and other great features. We have been on Tapatalk for quite some time and have many members who use it on a daily basis. For those that use the app, all you have to do is search for “steeler addicts” within Tapatalk and you’ll see us. You can immediately then bring up a mobile version of SA and utilize the site “on the go”.  If you like, you can add SA to your favorites so it’s easily accessible anytime you launch the app or set a widget on your phone or tablet so you can launch directly into SA via Tapatalk.

Tapatalk is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

Forum Runner on Android or iPhone: This is the official Vbulletin mobile app that allows you the same type of access as Tapatalk, only this one is branded to VB. The interface is very similar between the two so it’s simply a matter of preference. You can access PM’s and activate Push Notifications as well on both.

Mobile Site Version: When you browse the Forums, you can select which style you prefer by scrolling to the bottom left corner of the main page and under Styles, you can choose the Mobile Version. This is another way to access SA on a mobile web browser without using an app.

Android App: The new, totally redesigned, feature packed, SteelerAddicts Android App is available as a FREE download on the Android Market.  Read on and check out more of what the app has to offer.

Head on over to the Android Market on your computer and install it from there, or you can search the market on your phone. If you have a barcode scanner app like ShopSavvy, you can scan the QR Code below and it’ll take you right to the app on the market.

-View the latest Steelers News updated constantly.
-Read exclusive articles from our writers and affiliates
-Listen to podcasts right from the app
-View the Steelers season schedule
-Follow us on Twitter & get our latest Tweets
-View recent Tweets from Steelers players
-Keep up with our Facebook page
-View our huge listing of Steelers Bars & Hangouts
-Call the SA fan line and leave us your Steelers shoutout
-Send us a feedback email

We’re open to suggestions from the Steeler Nation so use the Contact Us option within the app and drop us an email on what you’d like to see added. Also if you notice any bugs, please let us know via email. We will reply back! Our goal is to make a user friendly, easy to navigate app with all the information you want & need!



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