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The Steelers Cannot Be Satisfied With Beachum At Left Tackle

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the midst of a terrible season and it’s made worse because of the talent that they do have on the roster. This team should not be this bad and it’s been tough to watch as a Steelers’ fan. Though blame has to be spread around to everyone, players and coaches alike, a huge reason of the struggles has to be pointed to the offensive line. Losing Maurkice Pouncey in week one crushed the team mentally but Fernando Velasco has actually been pretty solid filling in. Marcus Gilbert seems to have settled in at RT but Mike Adams completely flamed out at LT. That has left the team to start Kelvin Beachum at LT for the foreseeable future this season.
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Steelers Mid-Season Analysis (Or, Holy Crap, We Still Have Eight More Games of This?!)

Gen. Colin Powell likes to say that things are usually not as bad as they seem, and that things always look better in the morning.

It was with this thought in mind that I didn’t write last night when my frustration was at a level I had seldom known concerning our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

Respectfully, General, things do not look better some 16 hours after the once-mighty Black and Gold got their asses handed to them by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

In fact, the more I read about the game, the more frustrated I get. Read the rest of this entry »

New England Patriots Conquer Pittsburgh Steelers, End Rivalry

It’s over.

The Pittsburgh Steelers season?

Well, we knew that was over. We knew that before Sunday’s pitiful 55-31 loss to the New England Patriots.

There will be plenty of time to write a eulogy for the 2013 Steelers.

For now, it’s time to wave the white Terrible Towel and surrender to the Patriots. They have ultimately prevailed in a rivalry that was sparked a dozen years ago.

The Patriots lit up the Gillette Stadium scoreboard like Las Vegas at night, scoring 55 points, all by the offense. It was the most points allowed by the Steelers in franchise history. Get ready to hear “Speed Limit 55, Steelers 31″ jokes.

New England’s Big XII-like 629 yards of offense is the most ever allowed by the Steelers, a Patriots franchise record and the 10th most for a single game in NFL history, according to Pro Football Reference.

Perhaps it’s appropriate that one of the darkest days in Steelers history came Sunday in a stadium with men dressed in Revolutionary War attire known as the “End Zone Militia.”

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A Letter To Mr. Antonio Brown From One Steelers’ Fan

Dear Mr. Antonio Brown,

I just want to start this letter by saying that I really am a big fan of yours and was really happy the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to lock you up long term. I also want to recognize the fact that you are having a great statistical season as the teams’ number one receiver leading the league with 56 receptions and ninth in yards with 630. When you were drafted by the Steelers I honestly underestimated you and didn’t think you would have a good chance at making the team. It’s great to see a guy work as hard as you did in your rookie camp and that work ethic is what has endeared you to most Steelers’ fans to this point.
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Pittsburgh Steelers: Ranking Shaun Suisham’s Five Walk-Off Field Goals

With last year’s 34-31 loss at Oakland seared into their memory, the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Raiders again Sunday.

Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 43-yard field goal as time ran out to give the Raiders the win in Week 3 last season.

The 6’1”, 258-pound Janikowski has a leg like a sequoia and has kicked field goals of 63 and 61 yards in his career.

This season, however, the Steelers have the edge over Raiders in terms of kicking accuracy.

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Steelers Primer – Week 8 – At Oakland Raiders

Two wins in a row, and win against a hated foe. That’s better.

Moreover, the running game actually looked good against the ravens.

I’m not saying the Steelers’s problems are solved and they are on the way to a seventh Super Bowl, but at least it looks like they are not on their way to a top five draft pick, either.

This week, the Steelers visit their historical cross-country rivals in the once-feared “black hole.” Let’s see how things stack up against the Raiders. Read the rest of this entry »

William Gay Proving Critics Wrong In 2013

When William Gay signed with the Arizona Cardinals following the 2011 season, there wasn’t a happier fan than me. I don’t disagree that Gay had a decent final season with the Steelers, I could never get image of him being repeatedly burned against the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. That entire 2010 season it seemed like if the opposing team had a big play you would see Gay somewhere nearby. Was it a little unfair to completely look past Gay’s decent 2011 because of a poor 2010? Probably. That being said I was not thrilled to find out that the Steelers decided to bring Gay back for the 2013 season.
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Pittsburgh Steelers: Raiders Are a Fitting Halloween Opponent

The Pittsburgh Steelers sure are getting into the spirit of Halloween.

First they hosted the Baltimore Ravens, a team named for a foreboding bird in American literature.

The Steelers tricked the Ravens with the wildcat, and treated their fans to a win at Heinz Field.

On Sunday, the Steelers visit the Oakland Raiders. What better setting than the Black Hole for a game played four days before Halloween?

The Steelers haven’t won at Oakland since 1995. Somehow a black cat must have crossed their path on their last two flights out there.

Losses to lowly Raiders teams have come back to haunt the Steelers in their last three non-playoff seasons.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat Baltimore Ravens, But Still Have Some Work to Do on Defense

Did anyone else expect to see Ben Roethlisberger go all Jim Valvano and run across the Heinz Field turf desperately looking for Charlie Batch after Sunday’s game?

Aren’t Batch and Roethlisberger supposed to engage in a minute-long bro hug whenever Shaun Suisham kicks a last-second field goal in a Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the Baltimore Ravens?

Suisham’s 42-yard field goal as time ran out gave the Steelers a 19-16 win over the Ravens Sunday. The game ended the same way the last game between these teams ended, only without the impassioned embrace between Roethlisberger and Batch. The latter quarterbacked the Steelers to that victory in place of an injured Roethlisberger.

No one knew it at the time, but that emotional snapshot last December in Baltimore captured the moment in which things were as good as they would get for the Steelers. They improved to 7-5, but lost three of their last four and missed the playoffs.

So if it turned out that 7-5 was no reason to get excited last year, let’s curb our enthusiasm about the Steelers’ 2-4 record this year.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Can Make Ravens’ Super Bowl Hangover Official with Week 7 Win

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the New York Jets last week puts more juice into the first Ravens Week of the 2013 season.

Had the Steelers started 0-5, their only motivation Sunday would have been to stick their biggest rival with a loss that could come back to haunt them when they’re fighting for a playoff spot.

Now, a win over the Ravens would improve the Steelers’ record to 2-4, and they’d no longer be facing lottery-like odds to make the playoffs.

It’s still too early, however, for the Steelers to think about the playoffs. They have to go 9-2, maybe 8-3, the rest of the way to have any shot at playing in January.

For now, the Steelers still have to think like spoilers.

The Steelers would pull to within a half-game of the Ravens with a win Sunday and make the Ravens’ path to the Super Bowl more difficult.

They’d also make it clear that the Ravens are suffering from a Super Bowl hangover.

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