First off, what a great win today and a great show of heart and character in this win today when nobody gave the Steelers a chance to win the last few days without guys like Hines,Holmes,Troy,Hampton.and McFadden. Just a great win and team effort today over those bunch of pussies and whiners in Seattle who couldnt even take the heat today at all. Everytime you saw the Seahawks bench you saw guys sitting underneath with a top over there heads next to the fans to protect themselves from the heat. You saw Hasselbeck before the game and during the game whining about how hot it was. Meanwhile, the Steelers didnt even put Seattle in the dark blue jersey's so what would they have done if they had been wearing the dark and the Steelers would have wore the whites.

Anyway aside from all that, this schedule now going into the bye week 4-1 after the bye week looks more and more winnable especially if you look at what happened today. The Broncos lost 41-3 to the Chargers at home and looked completely lost and clueless today. That's who the Steelers have next and I dont care if the game is in Denver or not the Steelers should definitely be able to take care of the Broncos after what I saw today. The Cincy game following Denver is going to be tough no doubt. I expect the Bengals to beat the Chiefs and Jets the next 2 weeks and get to 3-3 going into our game which we should be 5-1 assuming we beat Denver. So that right there is a game where if the Steelers beat Cincy can pretty much barry them in the standings and go to 6-1 and put the Bengals at 3-4. The next game will be tough against the Ravens here on Monday night who got away with another win today beating an anemic 49ers team 9-7 because Joe Nedney couldnt kick a field goal. But seeing the Ravens play the last few weeks the Steelers should definitely be able to take care of them and do it pretty easily much like they did too Seattle today. The Ravens most likely will be 5-2 going into our game with them because they play the winless Rams next week at home, and then they have to go to Buffalo which is still not very good so they should beat both of those teams and be 5-2 going into the bye week and before they play us here the first Monday night in November. The schedule after that other then the Pats and Jags the rest of the way is basically a cakewalk. The Steelers have games with the Browns, a game at the Jets, a game with the Dolphins here, and a game at St Louis in December. Those teams have a combined record of 3-17 and should pretty much all be wins. The Steelers should also beat the Bengals here as well because Cincy is still not a very good road team and the game is on a Sunday night here.

So as Ive been saying on here for weeks the only two teams in the AFC you are going to have to worry about are the Pats and Colts. Both of these teams have very tough upcoming schedules as well. The Colts have 3 of the next 4 on the road after the bye week at the Jags,at the Panthers,home to the Pats which one of them will definitely lose, and then a game at San Diego. The Colts will definitely slip at least 1 possibly 2 of these games. The Colts keep in mind also play in a very tough division now which every single team now Jacksonville,Houston,and Tennessee all have winning records. So the Colts are not gonna cakewalk through that division I dont think. The Pats have games at Dallas and Indy 2 of the next 4 weeks,and a game at Miami in between which they always seem to struggle against no matter how bad they are,and a game at home with the Redskins who are much improved. So as Ive been saying thats a tough stretch for both of those teams which Im sure both will slip 1 or 2 games. If the Steelers can take care of the Broncos and Bengals on the road the next 2 weeks and get to 6-1 with 4 of there next 5 games at home in November against teams that arent very good at all they are going to have an excellent chance as Ive been saying to be right there for a bye week and homefield advantage with the Pats and Colts come December.