The Ravens got away with one yesterday in San Francisco barely beating a bad 49ers team with no offense by 2 points. Much like they did there other 2 wins they had this year with Arizona and the Jets. After these next 2 games the Ravens have with the Rams and Bills both of whom they should probably beat, there schedule will get absolutely brutal having to play there next 6 games against the Steelers,Bengals,Browns,San Diego,New England,and the Colts. It wont completely shock me if the Ravens lose to the Rams this week or the Bills in Buffalo in 2 weeks as bad as there offense has looked. The Rams do have some offense and eventually are going to beat somebody, and the Bills always play better at home and have a pretty good defense so that game in Buffalo for the Ravens I dont think is going to be a walk in the park. The point is the Ravens are getting lucky much like they did yesterday in San Fran because they are playing teams with worse offenses then them. Soon that will end when they have to play the Steelers here and Cincy again, and the Chargers,Pats,and Colts, and even the Browns. There is just no way the Ravens after watching them the last 2 weeks on the road struggle against the Browns and 49ers and lose to the Browns dont forget, there is just no way they are going to come in here the way the Steelers are playing in particular at Heinz Field and beat them on that Monday night.