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Thread: Be Productive on A Football Sunday:)

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    You bring the beer and you can come over anytime !

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    House of Steel
    LMAO, damn that is going to be a long walk. What 600 miles?

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    I'm sure one of us can make room for a steelers fan.

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by House of Steel View Post
    I was at Cedar Point in May. Make sure you ride the Top Speed Dragster. THAT THING ROCKS!!! OMG! I love that ride, I had to wait over 2 hours in line on a hot day to ride it, but it was worth it. The MAXAIR is awesome too.

    Well, don't hate, but the longest line I waited in yesterday was 15 minutes. We rode everything we wanted to ride in 4 hours (even did some mellow stuff, like ride the train and the Ferris Wheel), and it was 80, sunny and a nice breeze. And the Top Thrill Dragster is the most intense thrill ride in the World, bar none.

    0-120 in 3 seconds, then straight up for 420 feet, then a turn over the top, hang over the edge for a half second, then STRAIGHT down another 420 feet with a twist for good measure.

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