With this loss in Arizona. And while we all knew they were going to lose at some point, and this is by no means a devistating loss it just sucks because you knew Baltimore lost today to Cleveland and fell to 2-2 and you know Cincy has the Pats tomorrow night which they will probably lose to as well. So the Steelers really missed a chance to be 2 games up on the Ravens and Browns and possibly even 3 games on the Bengals if they would have won this game today. The Steelers were 4 yards away I believe from victory today if they punch that ball in the end zone after the Warner fumble. Ben had no business throwing that ball to Miller in double coverage on 3rd down there. The play calling on those 3 plays down there was just god awful and I really believe it costs us the ballgame in the end, because if the Steelers could have gone up 14-7 there going into the 4th with the momentum I really think they could have taken control of the game and did somethings a lot differently. However, that turnover took place and they werent able to do so.

The bottom line is the Steelers are still sitting at top of the division going into October at 3-1 heading into a big game at home next week against Seattle. It will be very important for the Steelers to win that game here next week going into the bye week. After the bye week we face a tough 2 games stretch on the road at Denver and Cincy. If the Steelers can get through these next 3 games at 2-1 and be 5-2 heading into October with that stretch of 4 of 5 at home coming up in November they are going to be in very good shape still to not only win the division but compete for a bye week and homefield in the playoffs. Baltimore and Cleveland have very tough games on the road at New England and San Francisco, while Cincy is off next week and has to play at Kansas City following the bye week who is playing very well now and plays very good at home.

So the opportunity is still there with a win at home next week versus Seattle to be up by 2 games on everybody in the division based on the schedule next week. Baltimore is already 0-2 in the division as well which is not going to do them any favors down the line especially with there schedule,and the Browns are still the Browns and still wont compete in this division I think in the long run. Still a lot of winnable games left on this schedule for the Steelers for sure. Browns,Miami,Jets,Rams,Jags,Ravens,and even Cincy and Denver. The Steelers I think will be fine but it just really stinks to know that they could have really grabbed this division by the throat today had they won that game in Zona and gone to 4-0. Hopefully Troy,BMac,Hines,and Hampton are all ok and they can bounce back and beat Seattle here at Heinz Field next week in a rematch of Super Bowl XL. I expect them to do just that and this team will be fine.