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Thread: Penn State vs. Illinios

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    I don't think he knows that that the rivalry is over.

    We haven't played Pitt since............2000 (Pitt won 12-0). However if they did renew the rivalry, then just look at the UVA score (Go Wahoos!), 44-14. It would be that because of the Kinlaw-Scott combo. Pitt isn't elite, but they are not nearly as bad as Notre Dame. I see hope in the future for Pitt, but the future is not now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEEMONT View Post
    I don think I ever claimed that Pitt is even lose to a New Years Day bowl, but PSU is never as good as all of its fans would have you believe. I'm just glad Michigan has the opportunity beat their *** year in and year out.
    Your talking to a Penn State fan to. No you didn't acknowledge that.

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