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Thread: Roethlisberger just looking for a win

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    Roethlisberger just looking for a win

    Roethlisberger just looking for a win
    Thursday, September 27, 2007
    By Teresa Varley

    Ben Roethlisberger followed the lead of his head coach when talking about Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Roethlisberger and Coach Mike Tomlin both look at the game not as a meeting against the team’s former offensive coordinator, but simply as the next game on the schedule.

    “To me it’s another game,” said Roethlisberger. “There are guys who are probably looking at it as something more, but to me it’s another game.”

    The difference for many is that Ken Whisenhunt, the Steelers offensive coordinator for the past three years, is the head coach of the Cardinals. Some expect the Steelers will have to make major changes in the offensive game plan for this week because of Whisenhunt’s familiarity with the team, but Roethlisberger doesn’t see it that way. He even feels it might be the Cardinals who look familiar to the Steelers.

    “We haven’t had to change too much,” he said. “A lot of people ask that. We aren’t changing too much at all. They might have to make more adjustments than we do. The offense that Bruce has is different enough that we don’t have change too much.

    “Our defense should know a little bit about what their offense is about because they have seen us. Hopefully they are not too familiar with us. I feel offensively we are a different team than we were last year.”

    Roethlisberger has flourished so far this year in Arians’ offense. He has completed almost 60 percent of his passes and has thrown for six touchdowns with just one interception in the team’s first three games.

    Last year he got off to a much rockier start. He missed the opener after having an appendectomy, but returned the next week and in his first three games of the season completed around 54 percent of his passes, but threw seven interceptions and zero touchdowns.

    “I think it’s being smart,” said Roethlisberger. “Last year I felt like I knew the offense real well. Maybe I tried to do too much knowing too much. This year I know more, but I am not forcing it.

    “I am happy in the system we are in now. I am not going to bash anything about the last year or any of the years. We won a Super Bowl and were very successful. Of course I am going to be happy with the system I am in now.”

    The Steelers will be aiming to keep their record unscathed this week against the Cardinals, but Roethlisberger doesn’t pay attention to the record, just to the game at hand.

    “Right now - and I know you guys are tired of hearing me say this - we are going for our first win,” said Roethlisberger. “I am taking the approach that we are 0-0 and going for our first win. That’s why winning one is so important.”
    This article pretty much sums up how I feel about this game. We need to look at it as just another game. While Whiz may know some weaknesses of our guys, I think we have more of an atvantage, since we know his offense.

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    I can just imagine the defense is just to face the Cardinals offense... This is going to be good and finally a chance to see how the defense stacks up to Wiz's offense!

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    No matter what Ben says, I think it will be damn hard to think of this as just another game. Everyone in the Steelers organization wants to win this one a little more than the rest. Regardless of what they say.

    Ben makes some good points about the Steelers knowing more about the Cards. They have the core of the Steelers coaching staff of the last few years and the players and LeBeau know how they work.

    That being said, we should not take this game lightly. the Cards are a much different team and seem to be a lot better under Wiz and Grimm. They want this win more than any other game of the season. We need to bring our A game. I believe we are a much better team and we will win as long as we don't get cocky.

    Go steelers!

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    Been hearing how people thinking the "whiz" has an advantage by knowing our team,,,,,,,,,,,,Well to me we have an advantage by knowing his offensive tendencies & that will give labeau the edge to pull out our 4th win

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    the one thing i like about us is that we practice smarter this year, u can c it n the way were playin n 2-3 phases of the team, once the offense clicks likes the d an special teams, man pittsburgh is gonna b an team 2 rekcon with, i hope the offense has an break out game were they r hitting on all cylinders,it's time 4 the steelers 2 make an statement!!!!!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO

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    Quote Originally Posted by RckyMtnStlrFan View Post
    No matter what Ben says, I think it will be damn hard to think of this as just another game. Everyone in the Steelers organization wants to win this one a little more than the rest. Regardless of what they say.

    You make a good point but a stuiped one at the same time becasue ur saying no matter what the team says they are looking at this game different . Grant they are but they are looking at it as just 1 more game. If they do otherwise thier heads come out of the game of football and can get us sidetracked. ...

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