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Thread: Ethics in Sports..Where Did They Go?

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    Ethics in Sports..Where Did They Go?

    i am somewhat surprised by the reaction of the average NFL fan toward the recent cheating episode regarding Belicheat and the Pathetic Patsies

    I suppose I shouldn't be since the general attitude in the US seems to have become, "rules are for everyone else." It's a shame that more people including NFL coaches from New England don't strive to excel while behaving in an ethical manner.

    Once people start relaxing their ethics then lying becomes "not such a big deal" because they're not "big lies." And then maybe cheating isn't really cheating unless you can prove it resulted in a win. Surely Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots are so great that they'd win in spite of any cheating their coach may have done, etc. Maybe, maybe not. Tom Brady was NOT a "great" player at Michigan, in fact he did not become "great" until he started playing for the pathetic Patsies.

    That's not the point guys. What the coach of an NFL team did was CHEAT. It's against the RULES in a league that DEPENDS ON RULES and if the rules aren't followed the league ceases to exist. And it sure as hell doesn't matter if it was the Patriots or the lowly Raiders.

    You don't have to care about this. You certainly could see it as a non-issue. But if you excuse it as less than significant then this might be a good time to take a look around. Excusing Bill Belichick for cheating may be a sign that there are more important issues alot closer to home worth looking at. There are more important issues closer to home than Bill Bell-a-cheat. There is no accountability anymore on anything that has to do with sports. Everyone is a victim!~ All of this cheating and law breaking begins in elementary, middle school, jr high and high school............some kids have no adult to report starts here.

    I live in MI and there is a town in MI called Flint. Flint, MI is a serious sports town. 2 kids committed a felony but were released long enough to play in a football game, that is absolutely ridiculous. What kind of a message does that send to the other kids? These 2 little creeps will be allowed to go onto scUM or MSU or OSU or UCLA or wherever they choose. They will play college ball and maybe even go on to the NFL. What I would like to know is where are the parents? Where is the Michigan High School Association? Why is this allowed? No player in any sport on any level should be allowed to play if the word FELONY is in their name description. All high schools in every state should adopt this as should all colleges and universities as should the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. The NFL, etc should hand out sanctions like the NCAA does you cheat your school doesn't play in the Big games for a period of time. In my mind, an education is a right, playing sports is a privilege. Say all you want about the Michael Vicks of the world and how he is the "victim" and how he should have the right to play football again, etc I completely and totally disagee with any concept that closely resembles "rules are for everyone else."?

    America is a very forgiving society but I am in that tiny percentile that believes once a criminal always a criminal. if I had anything at all to say about it (which I do not) Vick would NEVER play football again. It would be in the rule book. Belicheat would be suspended and not for a game but for the season. Also incorporated into the Goodell hand slap would be: any game played by Shady Brady & company would be an automatic L and they would be suspended from the playoffs for this season.
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    Little on the harsh side Lynn but I agree somewhat. Ethics went out the window the day money became a player. Coaches and players alike did what they needed to do to win, period. And still do to this day. The Pats got caught but I highly doubt they are the only team that does this stuff.
    I can agree with them getting an L for the game they got caught in. But it really isn't fair to the players for the rest of the season to not count. The coach is the one that should be held liable and whomever else that was involved, but not the players in this case.
    That would be like punishing the whole team because Bonds used roids. I know, that is another whole But seemed to fit.

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    Ethics went out the window when it became a win or lose your job situation. The owners look to build a ream that can get to whatever championship and win it now and suffer the consequences later. So now there is a higher turnover rate when it comes to coaches so they try and do whatever they can to win!

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    Dont forget about the players that will only play if the cash is right...I mean how many millions do you have to get paid to play a sport you started out in playing just because you love the game????
    Sweat shops dont have nothing on the military!!!

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