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Thread: The Gospel / Week #2

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    The Gospel / Week #2

    GOSPEL II ... Home Sweet Home


    The Steelers defense played lights out last week in Cleveland. The Steelers offense looked explosive...Ben showed a gambler's heart and a gun fighter's precision carving up the Browns through the air. The running game was far from efficient. Willie Parker ran hard for the most part(Willie you cant put the ball on the turf) The Oline looked pretty good as a whole…The Right side of the Oline must run block better if the Steelers expect to have success running the ball throughout the season. I also believe Bruce Arians needs to be more aggressive with the play calling early in games…When team's show 8- 9 in the box the Steelers must throw. The Steelers defense did look great…It was the Browns. Lets not forget the Steelers started last season 1-0…The Steelers can not come out flat against the Bills; I expect the Bills to come out flying early…The Steelers need to "weather the storm" early in the game and play smart mistake free football.

    Did you know?

    -The Steelers are 14-1 when Willie Parker rushes for 100 yards in a game

    -The Steelers are 8-3 when Heath Miller catches a Td pass

    -The Steelers are 8-2 against the Bills at home (playoffs included)

    -Ike Taylor posted his first career sack last week against the Browns

    The Steelers with the Ball.

    The Game plan for the Bills defense entering most games is to sit back and play Cover 2. The Bills defense challenges opposing offenses to make plays continually down the field. In the past the Steelers combated cover 2 by jamming the ball down the defense's throat…I expect a similar game plan this week against the Bills. The Bills front seven is built for speed, The Bills defensive line wants to penetrate gaps and cause chaos in the backfield. The Bills linebackers want to sit 6 yards off the line of scrimmage and flow to the ball unblocked. I believe the Bills will be forced to walk the 8th man up in the box early in the game… When they do…Say Hello to the Play action pass. The Steelers have favorable match ups in the passing game. The only way the Bills defense can stop the Steelers offense is simple…The Steelers turn the ball over.

    Match ups

    Marvel and Schobel - Aaron Schobel is one of the most under rated players in the NFL. 14 sacks last year shows he can really rush the passer…Schobel is VERY good against the run for a 265 pound 4-3 end. Marvel has his hands full this week with Schobel. Rushing the passer Schobel has great quickness to get the edge to go along with a non stop motor… add Schobel has enough strength and technique to rip back inside Marvel could really struggle. In other words…Marvel needs some help in Pass Pro. Now running the ball should be a different story…Marvel should dominate this side of the match up. Schobel plays the run hard for a 43 end…Marvel is a far bigger man. Smith was efficient in the run game last week…He must be dominating this week.

    Heath Miller and Tuman will factor in the run game as well…

    *The Steelers will attempt to down block the Bills defensive ends with Tight Ends…If the Steelers tight ends make those blocks…Willie gets the edge*.

    Alan Faneca and Kyle Williams - Faneca will dominate this match up. Williams is a fire plug with limited skills…Faneca will destroy Williams in the run game. Williams offers little to nothing rushing the passer. Faneca played a very good game last week…I expect the same this week.

    Sean Mahan- the Bills like to slide a tackle over the center ala Joe Greene on some running downs…Mahan played a nice game last week facing a NT…Not a concern. During the Pre season Mahan got to the second level and made blocks consistently. I expect Mahan to flow and stay attached to Paulie Poz in the run game. Mahan looks like a player to me.

    Simmons and Tripplet - This is a nice match up for Simmons. Simmons is the bigger stronger player; he should have no problems blocking Tripplet in the run game. Tripplet can rush the passer a little bit…Simmons needs to maintain his balance and hold his ground in pass pro. Simmons didn't have his best game last week I expect a solid bounce back performance.

    Colon and Chris Kelsay - Colon should dominate Kelsay in the run game…I don't think he does. Kelsay is tailor made to give Colon fits; Kelsay is a long 6-4 275 pound defensive end with decent initial quickness and enough strength and understanding of leverage to walk Colon in the back field. The Steelers run game suffered last week because the Right side of the offensive of line failed to move the line of scrimmage; that can't happen this week. 60% of the yardage running to the right was off Wr runs.Colon is graceful and always balanced in pass pro…For the most part picture perfect in his technique…Ben runs around like a chicken with its head cut off at times…Colon looked bad on a couple of occasions because of this…Not Colon's fault. Colon needs to come out and kick Kelsay's *** in the run game that simple.

    Tight Ends …The Steelers tight ends must win match ups in the run game with outside linebackers….It will be a huge bonus if the Steelers Tight ends can get movement on the Bills defensive ends with down blocks in the run game. Angelo Crowell is a quality cover 2 Linebacker….Getting Crowell blocked will be one of the keys to successfully running the ball on the Bills. The other starting outside linebacker for the Bills Keith Ellison is out; Mario Haggan his replacement is a bum. Everyone knows about Paulie Poz returning home…I have a feeling it wont be a pleasant trip.

    Steelers Passing game. The Bills are the walking wounded in the defensive backfield. Starting corner Jason Webster and Free safety Ko Simpson are out. Ashton Youboty is expected to get the start in place of Webster and Leonhard for Simpson. Even if the Bills were healthy they would struggle to cover the Steelers Wrs. Santonio Holmes is developing into an elite Wr…He runs great routes…Has blazing speed and he knocks the crap out of opposing defensive backs blocking down field. Hines Ward is just clutch…He makes plays all over the field…Cedric The Receiver is my favorite player to love and then just hate … He has the ability to make plays vertically in the passing game and is a very nice compliment to Holmes and Ward. How can we forget those Steelers Tight ends? Heath Miller should be a factor in the Steelers passing game. The Steelers love to exploit cover 2 down the middle of the field…Heath Miller was huge in the Colts playoff game in 2005…Paulie Poz cant cover Miller in Space.

    Ben - Take what's there…Ben needs to be patient against the cover 2 coverage. Take the 7 yard outs…The Bills will be forced to move the eighth man into the box to stop the run; then Ben can attack the defense vertically. No dumb turnovers Ben…Protect the Ball.

    Backs - Willie protect the freaking ball. Many people had complaints this past week about the Steelers backs…I'm not one of them. Parker and Davenport ran hard…Blitz pickup was solid…The dropped balls didn't help…really didn't hurt either. Cover 2 can be gashed…I expect a lot of running room for the Steelers backs this week.

    Side notes:

    No dumb penalties

    No dumb turnovers

    The Bills are not talented enough to stop the offense.

    Bills with the Ball

    One thing scares me about the Bills offense…JP Losman's ability to scramble. I don't think the Bills Oline can block the Steelers front 7 in the run game. I don't think the Bills Oline can pick up the Steelers blitz packages. Lee Evans can fly…I expect the Steelers to roll help to Evans side of the field…And light up Losman with the Blitz. Lynch is a very exciting back with a very high skill set.

    Kiesel on Jason Peters - Peters is a big boy with decent feet. Kiesel could struggle against the run…I expect mostly stalemates. Peters is a former undrafted Tight End from Arkansas who some posters at this board loved…Peters developed into a very solid Right Tackle before making the move to LT last year with excellent results. Peters was one of the few players for the Bills offense who stood out last week.

    Peters in Pass Pro - I actually like Brett Kiesel's chances to beat Peters in pass pro more then Harrison's. Harrison has little to no chance of beating Peters with the bull rush…Harrison attempts to bull rush 90% of the time he rushes…He needs to wake up and realize he is 6-0 240 pounds….He is not big enough or strong enough to bull rush 340 offensive tackles and win consistently.

    Derrick Dockery - What a waste of money. I thought Dockery sucked in Washington. He is a big fat sloth with awful foot movement. He can win Matchups when covered because of his girth. He will spend a majority of his day helping Fowler with Hampton…On run plays away (to the right) he will attempt to chase down Larry Foote…If Dockery can get out and block Foote…Foote should kill himself at the 50 yard line at halftime…ceremonial Hari Kari for the home opener. Dockery is a quality pass blocker.

    Fowler on Hampton - This should be ugly. Fowler was dominated every time I have seen him play against a nose guard. (Wilfok Ferguson Gregg Hampton Rogers). Hampton and Hoke ran Fowler out of Cleveland … Fowler just isn't very good…Hampton is. Fowler will get help every run play or he will spend the entire game 4 yards in his back field.

    Brad Butler - A 2nd year player from UVA, Butler first came to my attention with the nastiness chop block I have ever seen in a college game( Boston College and Mathias Kiwaunka). So Butler seems to have a mean streak. He didn't do much against the Broncos. I would be leery of Butler if I was Hampton. Butler is an unknown to me…He is tall and sits back and pass blocks pretty well…I question his ability to run block and get to the second level…I guess we will find out.

    Walker on Aaron Smith - They faced each other last year and Smith worked him over in the run game. Walker is a big boy who stands straight up giving away his leverage. The Bills attempt to zone block but Walker is to damn uncoordinated to get to the second level. Smith should win a majority of the battles and have another solid game.

    Walker in Pass Pro - Walker is a carbon copy of Max Starks in pass pro…Big slow and dumb. Clark Haggans had a field day rushing the passer against Walker last year…I expect the same this year.

    Bills Tight Ends … Bills run 2 Tes or 1 Te and an H back a majority of the time. Robert Royal is a very good blocker, Haggans and Harrison will have there hands full in the run game. Royal is basically a 3rd tackle in the Bills offense. The Steelers Outside line backers must seal the edge…They can not allow Royal to get into there bodies and turn them inside. Ryan Neufield the H back is used in a similar manner as Royal.

    Marshawn Lynch - Is a dual threat running back. Lynch runs hard and low with enough speed to get the corner and good enough vision to cut back and gash defenses. Lynch was a great weapon as a receiver at Cal. I don't believe the Bills can block the Steelers up front; So I don't expect much from Lynch running the ball…If the Steelers fail to tackle or fail to fill gaps…Lynch can score from anywhere on the field. I expect to see Lynch used a lot in the passing game this week.

    JP Losman - Throws a nice deep ball. Very mobile. He is not good under pressure; he still makes bad decisions with the ball. He plays like a young Brett Favre without the arm strength. Losman is a gamer…He will need to be…I expect the Steelers to light him up early and often.

    Bills Wr's Lee Evans can flat out fly. He is not the biggest Wr…Teams have shut him down by beating him up at the LOS and giving help over the top…Why mess with success…Its what I expect the Steelers to do. Deshea Townsend is fighting groin problems…If he can't go I expect a solid game from Fad. Peerless Price the other Bills starting Wr had 1 catch for negative 2 yards last week…Enough said. Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish are midget slot Wr's who can make plays against zone coverage's.

    Side notes:

    -James Farrior and Larry Foote should be free to flow to the ball and make plays against the run.

    -The Steelers showed some nickel and dime packages with 4 Defensive linemen (Kiesel Hoke Smith Hampton) that had some success.

    -Troy and Clark(he is expected to play) should roam around looking for the kill shot. Troy looked great last week.

    - DB's Don't let Lee Evans beat you deep.

    - Rush lanes … Rush Lanes…Rush Lanes … Contain Losman inside the pocket.

    Special Teams - Cover the freaking kicks. Parrish and McGee are weapons in the return game. Speds dropped 4 punts inside the 20 last week…Perfect. Reed was murdering the ball on kickoffs…I hope it lasts. Rossum hold onto the freaking ball.


    Steelers 27

    Bills 10
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    heres one,

    the year we went 15-1.....a rookie willie parker made a bills defense his lady in his first start ever, we had HFA locked up and all the bills had to do was win, the failed to stop tommy maddox and an undrafted FA rookie

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    I'm guessing you did this yourself because you didn't post a link. If so... very nice work!

    You are not FC, are you?...

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    We can rattle Losman with our defense. If we get in his face and make him unsettled in the pocket we should be able to keep him off balance all day long. He is mobile so we'll have to make sure we keep contain on him and play gap sound because they'll try to run the ball regardless of how little success most teams have with it. Anything to keep the game close and take the pass rush pressure off Losman.

    If we can bring the heat and get in the Quarterbacks head he's going to have a long day.

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    gameplan=contain roscoe parrish

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    Nice breakdown ~~~~~


    FWP ,,,,,,, gets a TD along with hines,holmes & miller ~~~~

    I'm looking for another blowout,,,,,,, Especially since the bills lost 3 "D" starters ! ,,,,,,,,,, and our "D"s playing lights out ~~~~

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    ICS - phenomenal breakdown. Right on with everything!!

    Steelers 38

    Bills 13

    Thanks to BR7 for the sig

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    Nice Read Im calljng for six sacks and two INTS

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