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Thread: Will The Raiders Win a Single Game This Year

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    Will The Raiders Win a Single Game This Year

    As of right now, I'd say No...nice team unity, guys.

    Porter says he wasn't even paying attention to game

    It turns out that Raiders wide receiver Jerry Porter wasn't cheering against his own team. In fact, he wasn't even watching the game.


    The San Francisco Chronicle reported on its Web site that Porter, who was inactive for the 27-0 beating the Raiders absorbed from the San Diego Chargers on Monday night, was seen laughing and pumping his fist on the sidelines when Raiders teammate Aaron Brooks was sacked for the seventh time.
    However, Porter said he was pumping his fist for other reasons.
    "The San Francisco Chronicle report was not true," Porter told ESPN's Colleen Dominguez. "I wasn't even paying attention to the game. The fist-pumping was in response to some fans that were talking to me when I was sitting on the sidelines."

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    Gee, I wish I had him on one of my Fanasy teams
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    House of Steel
    I don't think the Raiders are ever going to get out of the hole they are in. I feel bad for Art Shell having to deal with this embrassment.

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    The Raiders have good players at the skilled positions, except for the offensive line. Brooks was a good QB 2 years back and he's just in a horroble slump, plus Shell didn't use Brooks ability to get outside the pocket. Once Shell realizes that the Raiders will probably win about 3-4 games this year.

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    Don't even talk to me about the Raiders. Makes me ashamed to live here. Thank the lord I've been a Black-n-Gold fan forever; it makes it easier to block out guilt for not being loyal the "hometown team." GAG

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    The Raiders have so many skilled players, but they suck, and will continue to suck, because they don't seem to care. The offensive line is terrible, and you have players on the sidelines who don't even care about the game. And how many times have we seen Aaron Brooks smiling on the sideline in a game where they're losing, and he's having a horrible game? Based solely on skill, he should be a very productive player on my fantasy team (I wasn't there to pick him), but instead he sucked, and was benched. And I don't even think he cared. Sure it was due to horrible play by the offensive line, but I really don't think he, or most players on the Raiders, really have that desire to win.
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    You know who I really feel bad for is Marcus Tuiasosopo. He is actually a decent guy (and a former Husky) who is trapped in the 3rd QB spot. My gut tells me he could actually be an OK journeyman type QB in the NFL if he was in a system that could actually develop talent. I hope he can get out of there. But being the 3rd string QB on the Raiders is not the sexiest resume builder.
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    sexiest resume builder
    Are you getting a little horny today? GEEZ!!!

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    I respect Art Shell alot, he's a raider through and through but it's gonna take a long time to turn that team around.

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    Im in a Madden NFL sim league and the raiders went 0-16

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