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Thread: Cowher expects coverage to improve

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    Cowher expects coverage to improve

    By The Tribune-Review
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Coach Bill Cowher hopes a little familiarity will lead to a lot of improvement on the Steelers' coverage units. The Steelers rank last in the NFL in punt coverage after yielding an average of 26.3 yards on three returns to Wes Welker, including a 47-yarder that set up the Miami Dolphins' first touchdown in the season opener. While the Steelers cut special teams ace Chidi Iwuoma -- they needed to make room for reserve quarterback Brian St. Pierre after Ben Roethlisberger's emergency appendectomy -- Cowher said the punt-coverage team's struggles could be largely attributed to the group not playing together enough during the preseason.
    "As I told them, I put that first week on me because that was their first exposure with guys like Clint Kriewaldt and James Harrison," Cowher said Tuesday. "Those guys didn't do much in the preseason so I think we had to work out some of the kinks."

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    Well they can't get much worse. Last week was just a sad game by the coverage team.

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    I have to go with Dan here. The coverage was just awful. They need to step it up big time.

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    There's got to be someone on the 53 man roster that can be cut to brong back Chidi!! He was the biggest key to ST, and now that he's gone I'm afraid so in the coverage team until about week 5... Chidi was the heart and soul of the coverage team, IMO!

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    I think cutting Chidi was a huge mistake. They better improve themselves this week especially going against a good special team like Jacksonville. The Field Position in this game is going to be extremely important and whomever get the advantage is going to win this game. Very vital. NO MORE MISSED TACKLES and STUCK ON STUPID on returns.

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