Head Coach Mike Tomlin

(Opening remarks) - “(On the game) – “Needless to say we’re happy with the performance today. The defense got us started with turnovers early. All in all, it was a team effort. We were able to let our actions talk.”

(On his first career coaching victory) – “I was trying to keep my emotions in check today. This is not my story; this is the story of the 2007 Steelers. That’s what I want it to be. Today’s victory will allow it to be our story. We have a lot of men in there working.”

(On QB Ben Roethlisberger) – “I thought he did a great job. We got on a little roll there in the first half. All in all, I think he did an excellent job managing the game. Great starts are always great but we have to play football regardless as to what happens early in the game. That has been our focus and mentality. Great starts are always important though.”

(On the Browns taking away the running game) – “It was tough sledding early on. We were able to gain yards in chunks. That is our mentality and what we talk about. We try to stick to our plan and I thought we did that with getting the running game going.”

(On not getting caught up in the emotions) – “I let those guys play the game. I just try to manage it. I need to have a little clarity of thought and that mentality.”

(On what adjustments were made at half time)- “We just identified collectively what we were doing well and wanted to continue that. We had enough happen in the first half that we could get a sense of our rhythm. We found what was effective and what was not. We also eliminated the things that weren’t going well.”


S Ryan Clark

(On the importance of the game)- “A lot of people were building this up to be an important game. It definitely was. We went out there and played well. We got some turnovers early and the offense capitalized on them.”

(On the defensive performance)- “Up front we played great. We made them one dimensional and made them throw the ball. We got them out of their comfort zone. They picked up RB Jamal Lewis for a reason and that’s to run the ball. I think our defensive line did a good job.”

(On head coach Mike Tomlin winning his first game)- “It’s big. I think anytime it’s a young guy in a head coaching job in a storied franchise there’s going to be a lot of pressure. We wanted to come out of the box strong and take some of the pressure off of him.”

LB Clark Haggans

(On the game)- “We came out here after a hard week of practice and it paid off. We just went out there and did the job.”

(On turnovers)- “We try to get after it in practice and compete. I think it transfers over from practice to the game. Hats off to everybody. We just have to keep trucking now.”

(On defending Browns QB’s)- “We put some hurt on them and that kept them uncomfortable in the pocket. I think it hurt their timing and disrupted them. We just played football.”

OT Max Starks

(On getting the first win)- “We used our game plan. We’ve been anxious to get out here after last year. We had a pretty good showing today.”

(On the Browns and Steelers rivalry)- “It still is a rivalry. This is one that dates back to way before we were born. It’s two of the oldest football clubs in the NFL. We don’t take them lightly. We had a tough game here last year where we had to come from behind to win. We know they’re capable. Their defense has a lot more weapons this year.”

(On creating turnovers)- “That’s the key to this game. Once you have a problem you want to make it their problem. Our defense is one of the best in the NFL and we’ve proved it today.”

DE Aaron Smith

(On the game)- “I think we came out and played well. Obviously we have some room to grow, and some things to work on.”

(On the pressure on the QB)- “We gave them some different looks, different angles, and really got after them.”

DE Brett Keisel

(On the new coaching staff)- “We have pretty much the same philosophy and mentality. There are some changes in the coaching staff and in some of the things we do but it’s pretty much the same team.”

(On good defense)- “It’s what I’ve been saying, the 2007 season starts with us. We came and got a three and out and played a pretty good first half.”

QB Ben Roethlisberger

(On the game)- “I’m pleased with the way the offense performed, we left a lot out there but for the first game, I’m pleased with the way the line played. Give Cleveland a lot of credit on third down. They like to do a lot of different blitzes. The offensive line did a good job picking those up.”

(On scoring after a turnover)- “It’s huge. The defense loves it, it fuels them. Anytime you can score after a turnover. It brings us to life.”


Head Coach Romeo Crennel

(On today’s opening game loss)- “We were expecting a lot more. We dug ourselves a tremendous hole and, in the NFL, when you dig yourself a hole it’s hard to get out. We weren’t able to come out of it at all. That’s why it ended up the way it did.”

(On the bad first quarter)- “This is the NFL and you never know what’s going to happen. You’re playing with the best, it’s what you do. We felt we would play a lot better going in, but we turned the ball over, put the defense in a short field and then finally they wore down. The guys could have played a lot better. When that happens and you are playing a good football team, you are going to lose.”

(On the quarterback situation and who is going to start next week)- “Well, they both need to play better and I don’t know yet. We have to go back and look at it and evaluate it.”

(On injuries resulting from the game)- “Overall, we came out of it pretty good. I think (DB) Daven Holly took a hit and he has a slight concussion. I think otherwise we are okay.”


FB Lawrence Vickers

(On his first career touchdown reception) – “They brought a blitz and we showed a different formation. I knew I was going to be wide open. I just tried to run quick around the end because I knew I was the hot receiver. The ball was right there and the rest was up to me.”

(On the game) – “It’s something we need to take back to the drawing board and fix. We put our defense in a hole having them on the field for so long. Going three and out on the first drive put us in a bad position, so we were starting from behind. When you play a team like Pittsburgh and get into a hole, it is hard to get out.”

P Paul Ernster

(On signing with the Browns) – “I worked out for them this week and then they signed me Saturday morning. It was tough to come in and sign on Saturday and play Sunday. There are a lot of timing issues with a punter and a snapper and if you don’t have the reps it’s hard. I’m not going to sit here and make excuses because dropping the ball was my fault. If they have me punt next week, we will work out the issues and hopefully have a better showing.”

(On his first punt) – “I have never dropped the ball before. It happens to every punter. You never want it to happen and if it does you want to rebound as quickly as possible to get the ball off. Thankfully, they didn’t tackle me there and I was able to get the ball off.”

QB Charlie Frye

(On the loss) – “We got ourselves into a hole and 17 points is a big hole to dig out of in this league. We gave them field position early and they were able to capitalize. It was just disappointing. We worked real hard for this and to start like we did is just disappointing.”

(On being benched) – “We just couldn’t get anything going and he [Head Coach Romeo Crennel] thought D.A. [Derek Anderson] would get the offense going and that’s his decision to make. We really weren’t doing anything on offense.”

LB Antwan Peek

(On today’s game)- “It’s just unfortunate how hard we worked this pre-season and in the off-season for the first game to turn out the way it did. I didn’t expect that at all.”

(On bad field position for the defense)- “The defense is supposed to bend, not break. Even though we were put in those positions, during the pre-season we turned those into field goals and that’s what we have to do in the regular season.

(On looking forward to next week)- “I am looking forward to tomorrow and getting back into the office and looking at what we can do better for next week.”

OL Hank Fraley

(On the loss) – “We dug ourselves a hole real quick versus a good team like Pittsburgh and it’s tough to dig back out. We never got the momentum back on our side. We didn’t give up at all, and we never got anything going. We killed ourselves tonight, so we need to go back and work hard this week and get back out there Sunday.”

QB Derek Anderson

(On his play) – “Well, I did some good things, but obviously I made some mistakes. It was not the way to start the season. I thought I did a pretty good job in preparation. I knew everything pretty well, but I have to execute the throws. Overall, it just wasn’t good.”

(On the loss) – “It is definitely frustrating. We put a lot into everything. All of us have been working since the end of last year. We expect more from each other and we are going to have to come out next week and be better.”