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Thread: Worst draft pick ever ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler
    I knew I would stir the pot with my Plax pick The dude got on my nerves and he may not have been a bust but he's not with the Steelers now and the same goes with Troy Edwards who didn't amount to much at all! Plax was better than Edwards without a doubt, but my pick is Plax and I'm sticking to it

    Plaz is a headcase.

    We could go in to great detail about this topic, suffice to say that with only a handful of exceptions the Steelers have missed spectacularly with at least one first day pick in every draft since about 1996 (i.e. after the Super Bowl when Cowher got an increased say in draft day decisions). They've drafted some real immortals in the last 10 years.
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    I wonder what would have happened if we drafted Pennington instead of Plax that year. Maybe he gets injured with the shoulder, maybe he doesnt

    I wouldn't trade Ben for the world though, the jets can have Chad.

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    I thought I would have to do this to you, Matt

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