Hi y'all! Well, if I'm writing poetry, that must mean it's football time again! WOO HOO! I haven't been around much during the offseason but I'm so ready for tihs new season! Hope you all enjoy! :-)


It's finally September - so soon it will begin
A new season of games we hope our Steelers will win

Last season is in the past - that's all there is to say
Soon there will be a lot of new football to play

We started this year with a whole new approach
Lots of old players but a brand new head coach

We weren't really sure how Mike Tomlin would do
But it's been a good preseason for Ben and the crew

We open up our season with another rivalry round
Cleveland vs Pittsburgh - in the Dawg Pound

What better way to see the season start
Than to go into Cleveland and break their heart?

Are you ready for some football ? I know I can't wait
Looking forward to a season with all the makings to be great

75 years and our Steelers are still going strong
Loving our Black and Gold you can never go wrong!