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Willie was impressive Thursday night! That was the first time that I actually noticed he could take a hit and keep on going. I always felt last year, he woud get hit and fall down and that would be it! Willie silenced any doubters taht's for sure.

I would personally like to see him break the Steelers season rushing mark first, but the only concern of mine is letting him carry the ball 30 times a game, over a 16 game season that's a lot of hits he will have taken and will have a huge impact on how far the Steelers can go late in the season. Hopefully Najeh can relieve Willie late in some of these games coming up so Parker can get some rest and avoid taken a beating!
Didn't he have a big 30 yarder gain on the one drive? He doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, this kid is the real deal. Top 5 Running Back in the NFL in the seasons to come. BANK IT!!!