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    Roster Cuts

    According to Dave Lolley

    QB's (3) St. Pierre Makes it the other 2 are obvious.

    RB's (5) Willie, Najeh, Davis, and Russell are locks. Leaving Kreider and Haynes fighting for last spot.

    WR's (5) Ward, Holmes, Wilson and Reid are locks. Washington and Young will fight for the last spot.

    TE's (3) Miller, Tuman & Spaeth all make it.

    OL (10) Starters Smith, Faneca, Mahan, Simmons and Colon. Back-ups Starks, Kemoeatu, Philip, Essex and Capizzi. Okobi gets a visit from the turk. Capizzi is on the bubble but is also their best option at 2nd team LT and they don't think he would last 5 minutes on the practice squad.

    DL (7) Hampton, Smith, Keisel and Hoke are locks. Kirschke is likely as well. Eason and McBean should round out the final 2 spots. Nua.....we hardly knew ya.

    LB (8) Haggans, Farrior, Foote, Harrison, Timmons, Woodley, and Kriewaldt are locks. 1 spot left.....Arnold Harrison gets it.

    DB's (9) Polamalu, Townsend, Clark and Taylor will start. Backed up by McFadden, Smith, Gay, Colclough and Carter. Chidi was made expendible by Gay and also gets a visit by the turk.

    Specialists (3) Reed, Sepulveda and Warren.

    These are the final 53 as predicted by Dave Lolley.

    I have no problem with these cuts except I would like to see 1 less DL spot and 1 more WR spot. Would like to see Young and Washington make it. Send Eason or McBean to the practice squad.
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