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Thread: Moss Not Thrilled With Raiders New Direction

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    Moss Not Thrilled With Raiders New Direction

    Feeling Randy
    Moss sours on Raiders' principals in radio interview
    Posted: Sunday September 10, 2006 2:29AM; Updated: Sunday September 10, 2006

    ATLANTA ( -- Oakland Raiders receiver Randy Moss may be in the middle
    of his vow of silence with the local media. But outside of the Bay Area, the
    enigmatic playmaker has been pure gold on the radio airwaves.

    In June, while promoting his new Inta Juice franchise in West Virginia, Moss
    told an Atlanta sports station that he wanted to be traded to the Falcons
    prior to the 2005 season (instead of Oakland). But, he claims Falcons execs
    told him he was not a character fit for the franchise.

    Now, in a Friday interview with Fox Sports Radio, Moss had some vaguely
    inflammatory comments about the state of the Raiders, under new head coach Art
    Shell and new starting quarterback Aaron Brooks.

    Here are some excerpts from the interview:

    On Raider life under Shell's regime:

    "It's crazy around here, man,'' Moss said. "It's something that we're trying
    to hold on to, man, and, hopefully, Coach Art [Shell] can move us in the right
    direction, man. So I'm just trying to stay away from all of that stuff this
    year -- like I did last year -- and, hopefully, we can win some games.''

    On his relationship with Brooks:

    "I'm just not thrilled with the way things are going on around here. I'm
    thrilled, I'm glad, to have Aaron Brooks as my quarterback. It's fishy around
    here, man, so, actually, we're walking on eggshells around here, man.''

    On the recent trade of receiver Doug Gabriel to the Patriots:

    "I'm really kind of disappointed that they let Doug Gabriel go ...This is not
    my team, I'm only playing here,'' Moss said, "so whoever they put out opposite
    of me, either I'll play with them or I won't play with them.''

    When asked about Moss's comments, Shell said, "One thing about this
    organization, everybody has a chance and opportunity to speak their mind.
    Every individual, every player. So what's he talking about? I have no idea."

    Whether Moss is irrecovably dissatisfied with the Shell-led Raiders cannot be
    determined. It appears, though, wide reciever Jerry Porter still resides in
    the head coach's doghouse -- after a quasi-public feud. But all this hardly
    fazes Shell.

    "There are a lot of people that are unhappy,'' Shell told reporters. "I can't
    be concerned with that. I have a whole football team to be concerned about.
    We're trying to move forward with our team and win football games. I don't
    think I have to talk to (Porter). About what?''
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    Moss is an idiot, man. Nothing he said made sense, It's like he doesn't know what he's talking about, man.

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    He must still be smoking that stuff I hate to see these super stars bash on their teams and especially the coaches...

    Thanks for the post Lyn, I saw this was coming up on ESPN last night but I missed it!

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    I wouldnt be happy if i was stuck on the raiders either

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    The dude just can't be pleased !

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    House of Steel
    Been idiot ever since he was at Marshall. He can kiss my behind!!!

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