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Thread: Post Game Thoughts

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    Post Game Thoughts

    - Ben didn't look bad, but our OL is terrible. From this point forward, Tomlin needs to put his guys in place ... no more experimenting. They need to start working together as a unit and begin gelling.

    - See ya Essex, you suck ... perhaps you'll find something you're good at in life.

    - Mayhan's snaps are slow and off target. He has not earned the job as Center. Okobi has proven to be quick and a hell of a lot more accurate.

    - Santonio Holmes has the tools to be a star in this league.

    - Running game was a victim of how terrible our OL was so I won't comment on them other than to say 1) Barlow will be cut .... soon and 2) Russell is the real deal ... he's a MASHER!

    - Special teams were very average with the exception of Sepulveda's booming kicks ... If we can't get our OL performing, something tells me this guy will get plenty of opportunities to kick each game.

    - Defense needs to get off the field in 3rd down situations. Pass rush was very inconsistent tonight. Skins picked up the blitz well and was doing the classic west coast dink-and-dunk burning us for small chunks. Couple of nice sacks .... noticed that Townsend was all over the field as was Kiesel.

    - Timmons didn't do enough to comment on other than to say at least he was out there trying to work things out.

    - Gay will make this team. This kid has the potential to be something special.

    Overall, a lackluster performance by the important first teamers. The OL is the key to EVERYTHING on the offense. How they go is basically how we will go this season. If I was Tomlin, 75% of my time from this point forward would be nailing this group down.
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    * Trai Essex was a real disappointment. I had heard good things about him, but the guy just couldn't seem to block anyone.

    * Mahan made me nervous. I agree it's Okobi's job.

    * Russell did a very good job at RB.

    * I have really liked what I have seen from Carey Davis. I think he and Russell both deserve a spot on this team.

    * D-Sep damn! He has a hell of a leg.

    * Ricardo looked good on that kick return. I have been a bit impressed with him lately.

    * Holmes is really coming into his own. He is going to have a great year.

    * William Gay, I agree ICS. This guy is filled with potential. He has earned himself a spot on the team.

    * Barlow needs cut now.

    * Where is the pressure on the QB?

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    i'm basing my opinion based one what i saw on the live game thing, i didn't listen to the game cause i didn't feel like it lol

    essex is yet another one of bill cowher bust draft picks......

    our oline sucked but only gave up 1 sack......also, we should be in a panic because they don't gameplan in the preseason so the line usually looks bad this time of year

    willie came in with his usual road game performance

    ben did good, i'm glad he wasn't being a pussy like last year, he actually ran when he had to, last year he was a little coward and was afraid of his own shadow

    holmes is gonna have a good year

    arians sucks lol, hopefully it's just the preseason play calling, but he sucks *** lol

    our redzone sucks ***, this shouldn't have been a 2 point win, arians got pass happy in the redzone at the end of the second and we couldn't get the run going down there

    who's this new kicker?? **** reed, keep this dude, he didn't do anything special but reed is a bum lol

    gary russell better make this ****ing team, even if he doesn't dress for most games, he's worthy of a roster spot

    our first team defense did not come to play at all, making scurb *** qbs look like they are legit lol

    oh well, we are 2-1, and still got 2 more games to improve
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    You guys touched on pretty much all the major points but I'll throw in my as well.

    Ben looked good tonight for the most part, no complaints at all from him.

    Russel is going to get a roster spot and be a nice contributor for us.

    It's definitely time to stop playing musical offensive lineman and pick them already. Marvel, Alan, Chukki, Kendall, Willie Colon...just get it over with and let these guys play. All this moving around is going to be costly if he doesn't se the line. It's obvious who's stepping up at this point, IMO. The OL sucked tonight and until they settle into a routine it's going to continue to suck.

    Glad to see Willie back, he looked rusty but that's to be expected.

    Santonio is a monster, he will compliment Hines perfectly.

    Coc actually showed that he wanted to be on the team and contribute in some way other than fumbles. Although he had a good preseason last year so don't let that full ya too much.

    Ike is really coming into his own and is all over the field.

    Deshea is proving yet again that's he's as valuable a player as we could ask for in the secondary.

    Essex is sorry, he had a horrible night tonight; I think he was hanging around Max this week.

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    I haven't been able to watch or even listen to any games except the HOF game. Definitely need to figure out the OL, get the starting 5 and have them play at least 2 quarters together the rest of the preseason. From what I've been reading and hearing from you guys, we definitely need Davis and Russell, out with the old in with the new. Barlow never shoulda been signed up but at the time our RB situation looked pretty bleak. One question did Timmons look? did he flash any speed or any big play potential? Y'all know he's rusty but he should show at least 2-3 plays where he shows his potential. Thanks for the 411 guys

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    I don't know why everyone is down on Barlow. I haven't seen enough of him to say he shouldn't make the team. Russell has been decent, but its been against 3rd and 4th teams. Davis seems to be a guy that can make it with his ST play.

    Holmes looks great, and so does Wilson for that matter. After our top 3 WR's we're pretty thin. I would have liked to see more out of Dallas Baker, but its obvious he's not making this team.

    Ed Bouchette reported this morning in the PG that Essex could be the #1 backup on the outside of the OL. After last night I hope that just isn't true.

    Gay looks good, but again its mostly been against the scrubs, if he makes this team it will be because of his ST play.

    We need more pressure on the QB during non blitz situations. Hopefully Woodley and Timmons will grow into that role.

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    3rd down defense needs to improve.

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    wht happened yesterday??
    i was listenin to the game yesterday before i got home and i thought i was listening to a Cowher/Whisenhunt gameplan. On three straight series they called third down tailback screens.
    I thought tht since we now have a completely different HC and OC we wouldnt have to suffer through any more of those.

    also i didnt see any shots taken downfield

    props to Gay. he shook off tht drop and played the tip for the int perfectly. hes earned his spot

    ill pretty much repeat everybody else here
    keep Davis and Russell. cut Barlow

    i held my breath when coclough went back for those kicks but he handled them well and made a good return event though it was called back.

    i think St. Pierre is adequete as a third string QB. idk y u guys dont like him.

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    ok, **** essex, i thik capizzi would do better there as a backup

    i told you guys mahan sucks at center, hes a better guard

    russel is awesome, him and davis are gonna make the team, anyone know davis is 26?

    santonio is such a ****ing monster and is gonna give D-sep a run for his money at MVP

    dont put to much stock into preseason game, all is does is **** you off, we'll get our oline figured out but switching it up constantly is awful for the players still a bitch

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    That vanilla gameplan that is always put in place for preseason just drives you nuts because you see so many holes and things that need fixed, then the season comes and it either all works out or it all falls apart even more.

    Let's hope the OL gets set this coming week and they can start to work together. The last thing I want to see is 5 guys starting on opening weekend who haven't had time to gel, even alittle bit.

    But yeah it's preseason it sucks

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