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    Post Game Thoughts

    - Ben didn't look bad, but our OL is terrible. From this point forward, Tomlin needs to put his guys in place ... no more experimenting. They need to start working together as a unit and begin gelling.

    - See ya Essex, you suck ... perhaps you'll find something you're good at in life.

    - Mayhan's snaps are slow and off target. He has not earned the job as Center. Okobi has proven to be quick and a hell of a lot more accurate.

    - Santonio Holmes has the tools to be a star in this league.

    - Running game was a victim of how terrible our OL was so I won't comment on them other than to say 1) Barlow will be cut .... soon and 2) Russell is the real deal ... he's a MASHER!

    - Special teams were very average with the exception of Sepulveda's booming kicks ... If we can't get our OL performing, something tells me this guy will get plenty of opportunities to kick each game.

    - Defense needs to get off the field in 3rd down situations. Pass rush was very inconsistent tonight. Skins picked up the blitz well and was doing the classic west coast dink-and-dunk burning us for small chunks. Couple of nice sacks .... noticed that Townsend was all over the field as was Kiesel.

    - Timmons didn't do enough to comment on other than to say at least he was out there trying to work things out.

    - Gay will make this team. This kid has the potential to be something special.

    Overall, a lackluster performance by the important first teamers. The OL is the key to EVERYTHING on the offense. How they go is basically how we will go this season. If I was Tomlin, 75% of my time from this point forward would be nailing this group down.
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