After Last nights sorry performance of Max Starks ( giving up two sacks to give him a total of three ) he should be ashamed to even be smiling on T.V..

Again Max looked confused at times and easily overwhelmed. Granted hes playing on the left side where he hasnt played for three years he still looks like a bum. A guy that big and strong is no good if he cant play football. He looked like he was lacking in technique and dosent seem like he has the necessary skill to play the O lines mose tough positon. By not being secure on the left side. ( Bens Blind Spot) You can bet your bottom dollar it wont help Ben anymore this year knowing that a jacka$$ like Starks is protecting his backside. With Cappizzi and Colon looking better everyday Starks should start playing better on film to showcase to other teams , if he can. Should Starks start this season it will be because either he gets it together before the season starts, if every other O lineman is hurt, or if he goes back to his natural right position. Which IM still not all the way comfortable with that. ANd if Tomlin starts Starks over another more skillfull back than that will be his first big Head Coaching Mistake.