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Thread: Steelers begin to separate themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    Not defending Barlow because he does appear to be very expendible with the performances of Carey Davis and Gary Russell. Barlow will get some more opportunities to earn a roster spot and it will be on those efforts his fate will be determined. Unless he shows us something in the next couple games he will be cut. Because he has enjoyed playing in the NFL a few years and has become accustomed to the lifestyle it affords, it is almost inconceivable that he would be able to match the hunger and intensity the unproven players bring to the table. Bye, bye Barlow! Take your lazy *** on down the road.
    Im amazed he's lasted this long with the attitude he has. I thought perhaps when he was signed that our locker room might be a good influence on him and he'd come around to the Steeler work ethic and attitude but thus far, he has not.

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    Barlow didnt look half bad last night and Gary Russell seemed to have taken the shine away from Davis at least for now. I would like to see another game or two. Its still very early in preseason to make this much judgement. I will say McBean has not looked well but then again neither has Max Starks and hes supposed to be an ethed in first rounder

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    barlow is still a bitch, and starks is just a mammoth teddy bear, hes the kinda of guy that is playing football because someone told him "wow, your huge you should play football"

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    starks is just a mammoth teddy bear, hes the kinda of guy that is playing football because someone told him "wow, your huge you should play football"
    lol I love that comparison K. You hit the nail right on the head. You need to have some aggression or a mean streak to play the O-line. Starks just doesn't seem to want to knock people on their asses. He could take some lessons from Capizzi.

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    I think Russel would make the ideal backup for Willie parker, maybe even a one two punch. You have to keep Davis as more of a hybrid fullback /third down back. He showed us what he could do running and catching out of the backfield.McBean may not be cuttin da mustard right now but I say give him more time because the way this guy is built I think he's got the potential to be something special. Let him hang around a year and learn things from guys like Casey, Kiesel,Smith etc.
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