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Thread: Bucs, Broncos file joint grievance against Plummer

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    Bucs, Broncos file joint grievance against Plummer

    I've never seen Plummer so wanted in his career before... especially if Gruden is flying to Idaho to try and persuade him to join the Bucs

    Link to story
    In a move that ostensibly ends the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' attempts to lure quarterback Jake Plummer out of retirement, the team has formally commenced the process of attempting to recover a portion of the 10-year veteran's signing bonus.

    And they have been joined in the grievance procedure by the Denver Broncos, his former employer, and the franchise which originally funded the bonus.

    Tampa Bay officials, who placed Plummer on the league's "reserve/did not report" list when he failed to show for the start of camp, had hinted at such a maneuver. In a contractual technicality, when the Bucs acquired Plummer from Denver in March for a seventh-round draft pick, which could have escalated to a fourth-rounder if he did not retire, they also gained the right to try to recoup part of his signing bonus money.

    It is believed that the teams are seeking $7 million-$7.5 million, essentially for breach of contract, because Plummer failed to fulfill his existing five-year deal. It is also believed that the Bucs are fining Plummer $14,000 per day for not reporting to camp.

    The unusual part of the grievance case, which could take several months to resolve, is the inclusion of both franchises in the action.

    "There are consequences to not reporting to camp," general manager Bruce Allen noted, somewhat ominously, on the day Plummer failed to report two weeks ago. "We treat him just like any other player who did not come to camp."

    In 2004, when wide receiver Keenan McCardell skipped training camp and the first half of the season in a contract dispute, the Bucs filed an action to recover a portion of the signing bonus they paid him two years earlier, and were successful. It had been widely speculated that, if Plummer did not end his retirement and report to camp, Tampa Bay would take a similar action against him.

    "A player [under contract] can't just unilaterally retire," Allen said.

    The Bucs acquired Plummer, 32, from the Broncos on March 3, and, although he did not take part in any of the offseason workouts or minicamps, coach Jon Gruden held out hope that the veteran quarterback would change his mind about leaving the game.

    In fact, earlier this spring, after a Bucs' minicamp, Gruden traveled to Idaho to meet with Plummer about playing for Tampa Bay, but could not persuade him to join the team. Plummer hasn't spoken much in the offseason about his retirement plans. Sources close to Plummer, however, insist he is steadfast about not playing.

    In 143 games, including 136 starts in Arizona (1997-2002) and Denver (2003-06), Plummer has completed 2,484 of 4,350 passes for 29,253 yards, with 161 touchdown passes and 161 interceptions, for a passer rating of 74.6.

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    I always thought he was halfway decent, he just got hosed in Denver....

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    With the right time he could still be a good starter, hes not really that old yet, at 32 he still has a few good years left in him

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    Plummer was a decent QB in a bad system in Ariz, then became expendable in Denver

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    Plummer is a cry baby... because he is not being touted as a really great QB, he is good but I think he was pi$$ed off by being benched for Cutler and traded to TB and this is his way of saying "Up Yours"

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    i'm glad we never read crap like this about our guys.

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    seriously people, look at the dates of the threads, no point in posting in threads that over a year old
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    seriously people, look at the dates of the threads, no point in posting in threads that over a year old
    I was looking at this and thinking....why the hell would Gruden be flying there if he wasn't the coach anymore??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    seriously people, look at the dates of the threads, no point in posting in threads that over a year old
    Aug.2006 ha ha ha

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