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Thread: TSZ Monthly Graphics Battle

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    TSZ Monthly Graphics Battle

    Itís the beginning of August, and you know what that means! Itís time for the TSZ Graphics Battle of the Month. This month has started off with MLB milestones being reached, so what better topic to use than MLB Milestones?

    Thatís right, the topic must involve one of these:

    Barry Bonds 755 Home Runs
    Sammy Sosa 600 Home Runs
    Alex Rodriguez 500 Home Runs
    Frank Thomas 500 Home Runs
    Craig Biggio 3000 Hits
    Tom Glavine 300 Wins
    Trevor Hoffman 500 Saves

    Also, these should be praising the player for achieving such a feat. It should be made to where the playerís #1 fan would be honored to wear, so no roids talk or corked bat discussion.
    The size of the battle will be 8-16 members, depending on your participation. Come on over to TSZ, sign up for the site if you havenít already, and sign up. It will be loads of fun. All the sigs will compete together, and depending on the number of contestants, each voter will get to pick a specific number of sigs they like. Again, depending on size, there will either be one more round of multi-voting, or just one round of one vote.

    Must sign up here (obviously)
    Size: 400x120
    Animated: No
    Deadline: Saturday, August 11. 12:00 Noon.
    Voting will start that day and will continue until Thursday, August 16. 12:00 Noon. Round 2 will then start that night, and will continue until Tuesday, August 21. 12:00 Noon. Round 3, if applicable, will start later that day, and last until Saturday, August 25. 12:00 Noon.
    Winner will be posted on the home page until the September battle, and will receive an award.
    Link to Battle Sign-up Page

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    No takers... you guys are usually all over these contests!

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