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Thread: Final 53 & Practice Squad thoughts=

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    chidi....i dunno might not make it again since hes a horrible corner

    i dunno, cocface might make it again

    dunno about baker

    i would like to think stephenson could make the roster
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    BSP is a joke, hes an AFC whore....everyone has had him but no one wants him to stay. The other dude would be cheaper too....

    I hate BSP lol
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    1. Barlow isn't eligible for the PS.

    2. Cocface (Coot) looks exactly the same NOW as he did the preseason we drafted him. There has been no progress.

    3. Young IMO is very comparable to Lee Mays. Flip a coin and hope it falls in Youngs favor.

    4. Nate = someone give that kid some "stick-um". I hope the clock strikes 12 and it was all a bad dream. Cause this kid has everything else to be a long term WR.

    5. William Gay a "poor mans Ty Law"??????? Minus the speed. (makes Coot a waste of time).

    6. Omar Jacobs looked better as a fresh college rookie in preseason last year than BSP does as a 5 year vet. (don't get me started about Omar......I'll save that for another time)

    7. ***** Don't forget...... there is always the option to upgrade PS players once other teams trim their rosters down to 53.
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    BSP is a servicable 3rd string QB ..... the kid is extremely intelligent, has good awareness, fairly accurate, probably the strongest of the 3 arms we have, and in general ... makes good decisions. The only thing he really doesn't have is good footspeed. Trust me, if we drop St. Pierre, someone will pick him up knowing depth of QB's that can actually play at this level just isn't out there.

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    St Pierre needs to be there. But I agree with everything else, I also think Verron is Gone

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    I'm in favor of the 3 QB system because you never know what could happen. BSP is definitely a great 3rd option for the Steelers... he's been around forever and is almost a fixture now a days. I'm not quite sure he has the potential to be the second guy if batch ever retires but I really feel comfortable with him as the 3 guy!

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