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Thread: Notebook: Davis Rumbles to New Beat

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    I like Davis as maybe a goal line option. Take away his 56 yard ramble and he didn't do a lot on his other carries. But he does look like one of those guys who has a low center of gravity and is like trying to stop a bowling ball just thrown by a power bowler. He could probably push the pile a little better than Willie.

    Russell is the guy I was more impressed with. He didn't have a long run like Davis did but he gained positive yards just about every time he touched the ball. And his YAC (yards after contact) yards were impressive. He showed he has the power to break some tackles. Early camp reports have already touted him as the second best cut-back runner on the team.

    Hopefully performance will weigh heavier than tenure when cuts are made. Russell deserves a spot more than Barlow IMO.
    Well Gary Russell was a very good RB at a Big 10 school...No surprise to me that he is making some noise at training camp and in the Hall of Fame Game.....You're right he is the second best cut-back runner on this team and he can break tackles....I just would to see him get some carries earlier in the game and against some tougher competition.....

    This Carey Davis is really a surprise.....He didn't have the success at the college level like Russell did.......I think both of these guys should make the team and I would cut Barlow and Haynes for these guys to make the team.....

    Of the two I think Gary Russell has the potential/talent to be the better NFL runner....But I do like this Davis also.....

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    I hate to be the odd man out, but I think I was alittle more impressed by Davis than Russell. He kinda remided me of the bus running guys over but at the same time showing some quick feet at times

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