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Thread: Hello all

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    House of Steel
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelersfaninPhilly
    Welcome to the site. Go ahead speak your mind here. We do not bite. Well Koopa might
    Koopa and his colorful personality, he makes this site unique how I made Mac and Wife unique. Put the two together and LOOK OUT!!! Hey Cookie, I really am glad you made the switch. I hope you enjoy yourself here. It is an amazing ride already.

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    Hey Cookie. Welcome! Enjoy yourself here. I hear what you're saying about the wrong posts to the wrong peeps; unfortunately I think I rubbed some the wrong way right at kickoff (so to speak) on another site I joined. I no longer feel real welcome there either. On the other hand (she says cheerfully), I don't have an awful lot to contribute except my love of the Steelers, so how much trouble can I cause? LOL

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