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Thread: Porter and Cowher's relationship?

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    House of Steel
    Quote Originally Posted by Top Gun
    As if Kordell's kiss wasn't enough, you know Joey just had to stir the pot
    I put the video of the kiss in the media thread, Matt. It looks ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a little corny for my taste. Hey it is brotherly love in my opinion.

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    I'm so tired of "gay" being thrown around left and right. Fine everyone can go be gay if they want, i don't care; and i'm tired of hearing that every little thing people do somehow is a gay action or they're gay or blah blah blah. Why can't men show the slightest bit of affection without it meaning that they don't like boobies anymore? He did it as a joke. I've kissed guys' cheeks before as jokes, mostly because it creeps them out and everyone else has a good laugh.

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    House of Steel
    Relax, Relax, Relax. I was making a joke out of it. I thought it was a nice gesture between Porter and Cowher. I've kissed my best friend on the cheek when we cheer on the Buckeyes and he doesn't seem to mind, but it gets to him after awhile. It is a JOKE!!! Just like getting pat on the *** by guys. I don't care. Hey, it is a man thing for crying outloud. Been around forever. I sometimes kiss my Father on the cheek when I see him cause I hardly see him anymore. He doesn't mind it either, it shows him how much I love him as a role model and my dad.

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    A violin ballad for all the poor males who get attacked (mostly by other males I might add) when they "feel" too much. Too much joy, too much love, too much sorrow and, bam, they're questioned and labeled and jeered at. Glad I'm not a guy, I wouldn't give up hugs and kisses and crying for anything. I say cheers to any guy who is free enough, and strong enough, to be himself.

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    House of Steel
    I am probably a sucker for crying a bit. I am an emotional guy. I was crying when we won the Super Bowl and when Bill Cowher let out his emotional 15 years of fustrations.

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