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Thread: The Truth About Big Ben

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE LEGEND
    "IMO it's ok to disagree with what another member posts, but to disrespect a member and say they don't understand the game... that's a little out of line in my book and very disrepsectful."

    I am not trying to disrespect anyone I was just trying to make a point about posters stating what is in their heart and what is a sound football decision are two different things and thinking that Big Ben is in the same level as Manning or Brady is a fan speaking not a football mind.

    Brady and Manning are #1 and #1a everyone else is under them. ( I put Ben right behind them) No disrespect to ben or anyone here, but the facts are facts, Ben Has an issue in health and has an issue in the big games. ( Patroits Playoff game and SB ) Now Manning has issues in big games vs Patroits himself, but he is healthy and the numbers will always be there, you plug him into your offence and you are the favs for the SB not the Colts

    So I hope I cleared this up, I think Ben is very good and more times than not very good is all you need but when you talk about guy's like Brady or Manning your talking about HOF's that are playing right now.
    I'm gald to hear you're not disrespecting anybody

    Back to football... Manning is a great QB, although sometimes I think he's more of a mime than anything else, but he hasn't proven to be a great playoff QB. He'll no doubt be a HOFer, but it will probably be because of his numbers and not his rings Until he can get that playoff monkey off his back he's just going to be a great regular season QB.

    Brady is great also. He has an uncanny ability to find the open man and it doesn't matter who that person is! He can spread the ball across the field and you never know who's he's going to throw it too. He also has a great kicker to thank everyday of his life while he sits on a pedastal giving to him by the NFL. However, it will be intersting to see how Brady responds with his receiving core he has now.

    Brady's first SB performance wasn't really anything to write home about either, 16/26 or something like that for a 145 yards a TD. Those aren't SB MVP numbers in my book but the voters didn't feel right giving it to a kicker I'll give him credit for his second MVP though that was a good game on his part.

    Ben is a WIP (Work in Porgress)! His first 2 years have been awesome, he has set some rookie marks that will probably never be accomplished again, at least not in our lifetime. He hasn't been asked to do much, as far as passing game goes, but when the Steelers have needed something from Ben he has delivered. You can't argue about a 128 passer rating over the span of 3 playoffs games, especially against two pretty good defenses. The SB he did tank but he did make some plays in that game when the Steelers needed them. If you take away that INT he threw in the Steelers end zone and chalk that up as a TD that game is entirely differnet and so are his numbers (BTW, I hate the what if game so nobody needs to really think about the what if I just threw out there). Ben will redeem himself given the chance. He has proven that over the course of the two consecutive AFCCG he has played in.

    Ben might not be on the level of a Manning and Brady, but you can't deny that he is well on his way and may have even passed Manning given their personal playoff records. Ben has been given more and more each year and the best is yet to come!
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    House, I wouldn't call that bailing Brady out. He did what he was suppose to do. The whole Pats team did to get into position to win the game. But I can see where you would think that. Of all the kicks Vinetari made the one in the snow to beat Oakland in the playoffs (tuck rule) was by far the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelersfan
    House, I wouldn't call that bailing Brady out. He did what he was suppose to do. The whole Pats team did to get into position to win the game. But I can see where you would think that. Of all the kicks Vinetari made the one in the snow to beat Oakland in the playoffs (tuck rule) was by far the best.
    setting all rules aside... that was one great kick!

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    House of Steel
    I will admit, it sure the heck was a great kick. I was jaw dropping to the floor look when he clear the post. That tuck rule was something to be desired, I was shocked and livid that call didn't go into Oakland favor. That is the Past, and I won't whine about it.

    Legend, I guess you made a point, and again my apologies. Steelerfan, you read my mind, that is where I was making the assumption. I can tell you this, a lot of Steelers fans will say, Vinateri bailed Brady out in two Super Bowls. I agree with your extent, Brady was the reason why Vinateri was set up to win. He is a dominating QB under pressure just like John Elway whom I have a lot of respect for beating and crushing the Browns' fans hearts in the playoffs.

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    House of Steel
    Impressive!!! Playing Cornerback isn't an easy task I can tell you that. I had the luxury when I played Strong Safety as a Junior since we had two talented CB as Senior. I had a good year as a SS, three interceptions and a couple of nice sacks. I was more impressive as a small running back in my Senior Year, I could of done better, I was mediocre at the best. Best game was 162 yards and 2 TDs. I averaged about 74 yards as a guess. We had a very bad OL and they couldn't even open a gap a cm wide if I asked them too. I basically was lucky I was small enough to crawl my way through some holes being 5 ft 9 inches. I was fast.

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    "I am a former High School Backup QB, RB, SS, and WR. Played as a third stringer QB for the University of Toledo 1999-2000, I was on the squad that upset Penn State as I was on the bench the whole time. I am very interested to hear about your career, if you don't mind? I would like to hear about your highlights and stuff. Have a good night!!"

    Boston College grad 1985 year starter at corner back played in the Cotton
    Bowl. Undrafted

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    I see my post was ignored. Whatever.

    I will repeat a few things.

    1."it was Brady who marched the team, both times, down the field on a very short clock to put the TEAM not him self
    in a position to win and win they did, you cannot take anything from Brady in
    fact with out Brady who would even know who vinitari is."

    I'm pretty sure House of Steel answered that pretty well. Anybody who wins super bowls with last second field goals of 41 and 48 yards is a kicker people will remember. And if Brady was so great at marching his team down the field, why were Vinatieri's kicks so long?

    2. I already decribed how a tom brady game winning drive goes. It starts with the other team kicking off, because they just scored to tie the game. The Pats recieve the kick, and then return it to put brady in good field position. Brady comes on, completes 3-5 dink and dunk passes, and then watches his recievers run for first downs. Pretty soon the Pats have travelled the 35-40 yards necessary to get them into Vinatieri's field goal range, and brady walks off the field, and lets Vinatieri come on and kick the game winner as time expires.

    Wow. God that was SO much better than Roethlisberger marching down the field for a touchdown! Touchdowns are overrated anyway. Setting up field goals, now there's the mark of a truly great player. [/sarcasm]

    BTW, this is nothing personal. It's just that when I read bullshit, I feel obligated to respond. I'm sure you will have many posts I will agree with, on other topics.

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