Here's further proof that jails aren't full of geniuses.

The Colts say that they didn't activate DT Corey Simon on Thursday.

Rams CB Ron Bartell is the most likely candidate to replace CB Fakhir Brown.

The Rams have signed some more draft picks.

Some Titans tickets will be available today.

The suspension of Broncos S Sam Brandon will cost him more than $76,400.

Who does Vinny Testaverde think he is? George Blanda?

We wonder what Coach Kevlar will do if the guy who passed the polygraph test is ultimately convicted?

The Raiders have signed third-round OL Mario Henderson, the 91st overall pick in the draft.

Are there any two words more oxymoronic than "celebrity" and "bowling"?

Former NFL QB Jim McMahon recently hit a golf ball 319 yards, which is eight yards more than the 1985 Bears surrendered in both games of the NFC Playoffs.

Though we've been trying to keep politics off of this page, we're having a hard time understanding how the White House could legitimately block an investigation of the cover up that followed the death of Pat Tillman