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Thread: Who fears da tiger?

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    Who fears da tiger?

    A little music to entertain us as we get ready for the 2007 season.

    I was thinking about last year, how we ended the season, and thinking to myself...who fears da tiger? So I put this mp3 together.

    Special thanks to Bootsy Collins and the thousands of bandwagon bungal fans that made this project possible.

    ...and of course thanks to Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes!
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    GREAT JOB````

    I love the part of the when it meow's ~~~~~

    I really love the chorus "who dey,We dey"

    As for the Bengirls they can kiss my~~~~~

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    Would love to see this....for some reason my computer doesn't want me to...tells me it has to shut down every time I try......maybe a Bungle sneaked in and.....

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    That was cool. I like the hillgrove and Tunch Highlights

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