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    Heinz Field

    1. LAMBEAU FIELD, GREEN BAY (Overall score: 78.5)
    Peter: It's the most unique sporting place in North America, really. Where else do you have such a small town that can support a pro franchise and do it well, with a season-ticket waiting list of 30 years? They were able to successfully take an older venue, modernize it, and the field still remains the way it looked.

    Andrew: I liked the Steel Town tradition. Those people really understand their football. It's really the primary team; it's a Steelers town. You couldn't have asked for a better location, on the site of the old Three Rivers Stadium. It's got that downtown synergy. The Great Hall is the best concourse in the NFL. The tailgating is superb and the overall package works, and they support the team rabidly.

    Peter: The retractable dome. That was a first, and it follows the tradition of the old Astrodome, the first to have a roof over the place. Also, I like how they improved on the tailigating. A modern, spectacular first-rate stadium. Some of the friendliest welcoming fans in the NFL.

    Andrew: The fact that they had such a wretched stadium for such a long time, toilets that would barely flush, it would barely serve as a college stadium. To think they would build such a great temple to football is awesome. There are signature elements that are indigenous to the area, which we always like to see. You've got the lighthouse, the arched bridge, the rock formation in the end zone is very cool. The game presentation -- with the Minutemen firing off the muskets is awesome, and the technology enhances the fan experience. Plug in the tailgate scene, and it's a very fan-friendly owner in the form of Bob Kraft. A magnificent football experience with one negative, expect to spend a lot of time in the parking lot getting out.

    Peter: What makes Baltimore so great is that it's a downtown stadium that still gives people the ability to tailgate. They probably do that better than any other downtown stadium in America. They don't forget the city's football history. Some places with a previous franchise don't mention it. In Baltimore, the main plaza has a statue of Johnny Unitas. I like that they didn't forget that when they built the new stadium.

    Andrew: Its technology and the architecture are absolutely splendid. The sports complex is a unique thing, where the four sports are housed in a central complex. Also, the new generation of stadiums have very wide concourses and every amenity a fan could ask for. It's a tough ticket, fans are extremely rabid, and after Oakland, I'd say it's the second-most intimidating place to visit if you're a visiting fan.

    Peter: It kind of broke the mold. Soldier Field went in a different direction. It does have an assymetrical design. I like the Grand Concourse in Chicago. It's a place to be reverent to soldiers in the American military who have come before us. Also, a lot of respect is paid to the history of the Bears. I like how they kept the columns from the old facility for the most part. If I were taking anything away from it, I would have expected more diverse concessions, a bigger team store... stuff like that. All in all, a very unique place.

    Andrew: The uniqueness of the architecture. A very futuristic place. Interestingly enough, there's not two, but three video boards. They do a lot with the technology to entertain the fans. There's a lot of variety in the concessions. The other venues in Denver -- Coors Field and the Pepsi Center -- are also gastric theme parks. It's hard to find hot dogs and nachos amidst the specialty foods. Fans are very rabid about their team.

    Peter: I'll always be biased toward a place where fans fought city hall and won. A great fan base, great tailgating for downtown. I also like that the building didn't forget the previous Browns history, and they kept a section for the Dawg Pound.

    Andrew: They've given it a Disneyesque feel with the pirate ship and the little Caribbean village. There's nothing quite like it anywhere. The whole pirate theme makes it a unique football experience. They play the yo-ho music, they raise flags when the home team gets in the red zone, they shoot off the cannons for a touchdown. The weather doesn't hurt, and it's a good tailgating destination.

    Cant say I disagree with it, these guys went ot every stadium and said we had #2. If there was a tradition and history in the place (and there will be down the road in the future) then eventually it's going to be #1.
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    Browns Stadium should be way dead last after that bottle throwing melee and the fan's behavior.

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    It's going to take a lot of events to occur for Heinz field to take over Lambeau field. There is a LOT of tradition there (Lambeau) and the team would either to need to fold up and go away or some other event that I can't even think of...

    I can live with Heinz being #2 for now, as long as none of the Steelers rivals are ahead of us

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    Lambeau is awesome. I was there in 1994 for a Monday Night Game and it was just pure awesome. I couldn't believe the atmosphere and the fans. Back then, I was a Packers fan along with the Steelers. Had the opportunity to meet Brett Favre where I was working in Lake Geneva, WI that summer at a resort. He is a great guy when he doesn't act like a pain whining fool.

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