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Thread: C'mon Prognosticators, Now Is Your Chance

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    C'mon Prognosticators, Now Is Your Chance

    to go on record before the first game - how will the Steelers do this year? What will be the big stories this year? Who will be the biggest surprise (good and bad)?

    I go on record as saying:

    12-4 and a SB appearance. They lose to Carolina away, Cincy away, San Diegoaway and one upset somewhere along the line. Charlie holds the line until Ben is whole, Willie rocks, but they pass more than last year. The D leads
    the league in run defense and are near the top in pass defense. If they win
    a 2nd SB, Cowher resigns and moves to NC to rest and recuperate

    Whatcha Think?
    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


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    I think that's respectable with the record and SB apearance... IMO I would say the big surprise will be Holmes and Miller. Holmes will have us all saying "Randle Who?" and Miller has the potential to be mentioned with the likes of Gates and Gonzalez.

    I also see the D vastly improving on the pass defense, probably top 5, and stopping 3rd downs!

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    House of Steel
    13-3 Winning the AFC North Title and a 1st Round Bye

    We get Indianapolis and beat the living daylights out of them
    We get Denver again and beat the crapper out of them too.

    Beat Carolina to become the back to back World Champions. How sweet it is!

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    If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler." -- Jack Lambert, 1990 HOF Induction Speech

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    I say 13-3

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    House of Steel
    Alright!!! You guys rock.

    I will also say, this is possible too

    19-0 is very possible!!!


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    I'll go conservative and say 12-4. The lineup doesn't look too intimidating this year but what with all that's going on psychologically, we may lose a couple early on that we otherwise wouldn't. Specifically, Ben's thumb and all he's gone through in the past year; BC's (non)retirement plans hanging overhead; the loss of Bettis and Randle El; and Hines' hamstring, which may just plague him more than he's letting on.

    What I'm saying is, I think we need to get in a groove before we can get down to business.

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    Well it's time to get your groove on then!
    Sorry, just couldn't resist saying that.

    I'm seeing 11-5 or 12-4 depending on injuries.

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    11-5 record, AFC North champions, and we win the AFC Championship game. Our Pro Bowlers will be Heath Miller, Troy Polamalu, and Larry Foote.
    :: Whoa, where the hell was I for 2 years?::

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    House of Steel
    Lyn, I like your losses on the way:

    We will lose to Cincinnati on the road
    Carolina on the road
    I am thinking Kansas City also.

    13-3 sounds just about what I am hoping for.

    I am going to be very shocked if we go 16-0, which is not impossible with the team we got. We got trick plays out the butt, we got erotic blitz packages out the rear end, we got the finest coaching staff in all of the NFL, and we have the most complete team of any franchise in the NFL.

    We Will be Victorious and WE WILL BELIEVE as the STEELER NATION!!


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