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Thread: Just a few weeks away, what concerns or who.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captcoolhand View Post
    That's 1 of the thing I'm looking forward too....seeing how Bruce Ariens utilizes the TE sets. Heath Miller is a Beast that needs to be unleashed. He has had more Rec yards in his Rookie year than all TE's combined together in a season in the Pass 10 yrs.
    IMO, Miller is a better player than C.Wilson and can be a forces over the middle if given a chance. I know that we relied on TE for their blocking but when you have an Ace in the hole you got to use it.
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    Gotta get Troy locked up. Not worried about Ben and wanna see how OLB lines up

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    It will be interesting to see the overall team chemistry and responsiveness to Tomlin and this "Flunky" staff (excluding Lebeau and Arians)that he's assembled during training camp and the pre-season.

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    i defently agree with wanting to see heath more he is a beast and that guy doesn't drop anythning!

    also for me personaly i want to see willie catch more balls out of the back field with his speed i just think that would open up a different ball game!!!

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    I agree Heath needs to see that ball more. As for concerns, Troy's contract is a big one. I'm interested to see the new linebacker core. I think kick returns are high up there for me as well. I don't want to see a repeat of the fumbles and just lousy attempts to return the ball.

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    O line play has to be better. Get Troy locked up !! Waiting to see " new" offense !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    im not concerned that much about ben and tomlin, or the dbs or lbers. Im concerned about willie reid and the oline. i really want reid to be a badass and i think we have enough olineman, i just want to see how they are put together.
    i agree special teams concern me {the return game} and can the o-line give ben time to deliver the ball

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    Inprovement in 3rd down defense. Who is being groomed to replace faneca? Will any of the TE's behind Miller show potential.

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    You've all pretty much hit all the high points that I was thinking.

    The OL is key to the entire season's success. If they stink up the joint it's a trickle down affect to the offense and defense and special teams. If they come on strong then everything else will have a good chance to succeed.

    Ben having confidence and staying healthy heading into training camp and preseason is paramount. He needs to get a fair amount of reps in game situations to be ready.

    I want to see how our RB situation pans out behind Willie.

    Lock up Troy to a long term deal.

    How will Timmons and Woodley contribute and how long till they overtake Haggans and or Harrison ?

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    The only thing that worries me is possibly the impact of losing whisenhunt and grimm, though I think Mike and Co. are going to do a great job. Personally if the pieces fit together theres not one team on our schedule that scares me, not even New England.

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