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Thread: When does Willie Parker Officially Become THE Pittsburgh Steelers Feature Back?

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    Fans from other teams see Parker is the main guy......why would we see anything else

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    Quote Originally Posted by strong D View Post
    I agree with a previous post if the passing offense was better you wouldnt be facing 7 and 8 man fronts if Ariens spreads the offense out this year Willie dont need much room to get rollin make 1 guy miss and see ya
    If Ben was healthy, last season, just imagine how many more yards Willie would of gained because the target on his back would of been alittle smaller because defenses would of had to respect the passing game also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Willie could do all that and some Steeler fans still will say he isn't Jerome or Franco........

    When looking at Willie Parker I think its safe to say he has exceeded all of our expectations since he was an undrafted FA......Plus he is still growing as a RB......I think the best is still yet to come from Willie Parker.....
    I couldn't agree with you more... a lot of do tend to forget that he was undrafted, I know I did! All things considered he's definitely went above and beyond any expectations we all had for him when he came into the league.

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