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Thread: Some columnists never learn

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    WTF!?!?!?! He has the Pats with the best record in the AFC!!! ALKJSDFIOE:RKLSJEE!!!!! I don't even know how to respond to that! That's one of those things that are so stupid, if you think about them too much your head explodes! Yeah, a team who's super bowl core is old, who lost their top 2 WRs, who's running game is depending on old washed up Corey Dillon and a rookie (who won't even start), who continues to lose big pieces of that offensive line that protected brady so well during their super bowl runs, who's secondary was what, second worst in the league last year? and who's linebacker corps are getting so old and depleted they had to bring back stroke/injury raddled Bruschi and RETIRED Junior Seau, and oh yeah, lost the guy who wone ALL of their big games, Adam Vinatieri, and was 10-6 last year, for the WORST RECORD OF ANY PLAYOFF TEAM last year, is somehow going to suddenly have the best record in the AFC??? What is this moron smoking? And he's worried about our lack of depth at RB and O-line? He gives the super bowl champions a record of 8-8, but the pathetic pats get 12-4?? Oh, it's because as long as they have brady and belidick they're always going to be good. Yeah. So then why didn't he say "as long as the Steelers have Roethlisberger and Cowher, they'll always be good"? After all, Roethlisberger actually has a team to play with, and Cowher has one to coach. Which is more than I can say for brady and belichick.

    And proof that he knows nothing is that he says "Verron Haynes still has to prove himself to the coaches." Wow, that's funny, because I always thought that when your coach praises you all the time, and constantly mentions you when people ask who will fill a certain role, that usually means you've proven yourself to them. But I must have been wrong. All those times people asked about Parker and Staley, and Cowher always reminded them of Verron too, that must have meant that Haynes HADN'T proven himself yet. And here I was thinking it meant Cowher liked him. Silly me.

    And as for the ravens, if they had gotten McNair 2 years ago, THEN you could consider them a playoff team. Now though, the offensive improvement McNair brings will only offset the defensive decline, and they'll end up being just as good (or should I say bad) as last year.

    And he has the Bengals in the super bowl. Yeah, and I bet he'd also say, in a game between the Colts and Pats, that the Pats are better because defense wins championships. So obviously the "we can't tackle anything" Bengals would be in the super bowl!

    God damn! This guy makes ESPN look good!

    (Oh, and I like how he lists all the things he was HORRIBLY WRONG about last year at the beginning of his article, lol)
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    I think these guys write this stupid stuff to see how many emails they will get from Pi$$** off fans. I also think that their boss is happier with them depending upon how many emails they do get.

    It has to be something like that, too much dumb stuff is out there. Look at the NCAA basketball finals and the "expert predictions" noone heard of Marshall, none of the experts picked Marshall, noone talked about Marshall and Marshall almost won the whole thing.

    I have ZERO respect for these keyboard jockeys!

    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


    Many thanks to BR7 (Ron) for the sig and matching avatar

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    Boy did someone get under his skin!! Wow!! That is something I used to do in my past, but not anymore. I like your firey passion there, pal. Pat you on the back.

    Lyn, good point too.

    Marshall was a deadly loaded arsenal of a team when Pennington, Leftwich, and Moss was there. OH MAN!! They would tear the MAC up like it was nothing. Talking about football or basketball, Lyn??? Basketball wise, I don't think Marshall is all that good. KENT STATE IN 2003 that was something of that epic proportion. They just about made it to the Final Four until Indiana was raining threes all over the place. That year will always be very memorable for me.

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