Did anyone happen to read this?


This guy has learned how to be provocative and get under your skin,,I get that as part of the doldrum effect where you want to get people a little angry and writing in to the editor.

The reasons he gives for putting the Rooney's as the tenth best owners in the league are so lame that even I could have thought of them...namely the porn content in the e-mail that Zierlein sent around the league (he thinks
he should have been fired) and the other is kind of cloudy..something about not being proactive enough with Cowher. He wanted them to keep Cowher but at the same time thinks Dan made a great decision to overrule Art the younger who wanted Grimm or Whisenhunt. I don't get how this keeps them from being (in my opinion) at least No. 2 in the league.

Hey, its a time for lists and top 10`s which is a sure sign of there being no news worth talking about on the football front, but I wonder if some of you see this article differently.

At least he has the Bengals dead last.