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Thread: Fan Walk-out Planned on Saturday

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    they showed one of the concourses and there were maybe 100-200 people there
    it was only slightly successful if at all

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    I think it was very successful, given the circumstances. While the Pirates made FSN promise not to show the walkout, all that did was entice other local networks like KDKA to put cameras on skyscrapers and helicopters to try to get some footage of the walkout. Plus, they showed quite a bit on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. They literally spent more time showing the walkout than they usually do showing Pirates highlights. There were lots of good shots of guys with bags on their heads, Irate Fan T shirts, and signs saying we have the worst owners in MLB.

    Sure, the numbers were low, but that's because the Pirates were winning, what, 6-1 in the 3rd? If they had done it the next day instead, when we lost 3-2 and were losing, IIRC, in the 3rd, there probably would have been at least 10,000 people walking out.

    I think they definitely need to try this again, preferably when we're playing a better team than the Nationals, that will probably beat us.
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