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Thread: Famous Rotel Cheese Dip

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    Famous Rotel Cheese Dip


    *1 package of velveeta cheese
    *1 sleeve of Jimmy Deans sausage (hot or mild) your choice
    *1 can of Rotel dip (probably near the salsa in the grocery store)

    Put cheese into crockpot and let it melt. Stir often. As the cheese is melting put sausage into frying pan and brown. Drain sausage when done. When the cheese is almost liquid put sausage and rotel dip in and stir. Make sure cheese is totally melted before serving. Serve right out of the crockpot. Best dip you'll ever have and easy to make. Tortillas are the best to dip with.

    Tip: Use a crockpot liner. The cheese is a pain in the *** to clean off the crockpot when done.
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    That looks about right!!!!!

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