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Thread: Peter King's QB rankings,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Peter King's QB rankings,,,,,,,,,,,

    In the chart below, I've done a ranking of the 32 projected starters using combined 2005 and 2006 stats, just to give you a baseline of what each player has done the last couple of seasons. I used that as a partial barometer of his 2007 success.

    1. P. Manning
    2. T. Brady
    3. D. Brees
    4. C. Palmer
    5. M. Bulger
    6. M. Hasselbeck
    7. V. Young
    8. P. Rivers
    9. J. Kitna
    10. J. Cutler
    11. T. Romo
    12. D. McNabb
    13. S. McNair
    14. B. Favre
    15. C. Pennington
    16. J. Delhomme
    17. B. Roethlisberger
    18. M. Leinart
    19. M. Schaub
    20. J.P. Losman
    21. M. Vick
    22. J. Garcia
    23. E. Manning
    24. T. Green
    25. A. Smith
    26. J. Campbell
    27. R. Grossman
    28. B. Leftwich
    29. J. McCown
    30. T. Jackson
    31. C. Frye
    32. B. Croyle

    IMO I think he's wrong about Big Ben
    He should be 9th or 10th at least,,,,,,,,Young ranked 7th,you gotta be kidding me!

    STEELERS FANS WILL NOT SOON FORGIVE MY DISS OF BIG BEN. From Brandon Schwab of Pittsburgh: "You're a moron. Have you forgotten about The Accident? The accident that will forever be burned in every Steelers fan's memory? Yes, people everywhere remember that day and its significance. He was phenomenal his first two years; need I remind you he was the youngest QB ever to lead his team to and win the Super Bowl? Not Manning, not Brady, not Elway, not Favre, not Montana, not Young. Those guys obviously are so much better than Big Ben up to this point and probably always will be, but come on, don't let one horrible year after a life-threatening accident force you to call him 'inconsistent.' Don't forget, he's only going into his fourth year, and he was rock-solid his first two years.''

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