Who in the NFL would you rather have starting at runningback over Willie Parker?

Willie has done some great things in his short time in the NFL, but there are Steelers fans on both sides of the fence with him.

I know what Willie brings to the table and I'm also aware of his weaknesses.

No runningback in the NFL brings more "homerun" potential to every carry than Parker. He is a good receiver out of the backfield because he is great in space and can take away the angle from defenders.

He could improve at the point of contact and running between the tackles when the hole is not there. I think he needs to have more patience while running and things will open up. While he is elusive because of his speed he doesn't have great "wiggle"... he needs to get better at shaking the tackler one on one. Unfortunately, I think that is something you are born with and can't be taught.

Having said that I love what Wille does and I'm sure I'll love what he will do in the future.

All things considered, if I could have anyone in the NFL over him it would be...

1. LaDainian Tomlinson
2. Larry Johnson
3. Frank Gore
4. Steven Jackson

Close but no cigar...

1. Maurice Jones-Drew
2. Reggie Bush
3. Adrian Peterson

Your thoughts?... (don't flame me)